Guidebook: A new launch process (invitation only)

Preparing for launch

Complete code reviews #

Clients on Full or Enhanced code review levels will want to ensure that VIP’s theme and/or plugin review has been completed, and the PR workflow has been enabled.

If not receiving a manual code review, clients will want to ensure that VIP’s automated scan feedback on the codebase has been received, and any concerns have been addressed.

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Final import #

If a final database and/or media import is required before the launch, it should usually be performed at least 3 hours before the launch steps are performed. The exact timing will be advised by a TAM and will be informed by the duration of the initial import. If an editorial freeze is not possible during those 3 hours, any new content can be double-posted, or it can be imported post-launch.

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Lower TTL #

If DNS records already exist on the primary domain, the domain’s TTL (Time To Live) should be lowered as far as possible. This will ensure that downtime is minimized when the DNS is pointed to VIP.

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DNS changes (if hosting with us) #

If the site’s DNS is hosted by VIP please share this information with us at least three business days in advance of launch, so that we can make sure everything is set up for your sites and ready to go for launch.

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Map domains #

Domains can be mapped to the environment via the VIP Dashboard. Start by clicking on the blue dropdown right next to Domains to select the appropriate environment. After selecting the correct environment, click the blue + circle on the right hand side to add the new domain to this environment.

Note that the www. subdomain ( is made available when adding a root domain, and the variant first entered here will take priority, so make sure either the root domain or subdomain is input depending on preference.

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Configure SSL #

VIP requires that all sites have valid SSL certificates. We provide Let’s Encrypt certificates by default, which requires no additional cost or action from your side, and VIP will own the renewal process. Whole-site HTTPS is also enabled for all sites by default.

Custom certificates can also be installed on your domain prior to beginning the launch process. If providing a custom certificate, please reach out to your Technical Account Manager at least 3 days before launch.

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Testing your site #

Before launch, ensure the site is fully tested. This should involve walking through all the functionality in the wp-admin, as well as monitoring PHP and query performance in the linked New Relic sub account.

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