Guidebook: Developing with VIP

How code is deployed on VIP

Each production environment tracks the master branch of a GitHub repository (access to this repository will be provided after the kickoff call). Child environments track different branches of the repository and auto-deploy.

Each site repository utilizes a webhook on GitHub that is triggered by pushing code to a branch. The GitHub webhook notifies the VIP Platform that new code should be deployed, the VIP Platform determines which applications and environments the code should be deployed to (if any). The VIP Platform then updates the code available to each affected environment. The deployment process generally takes less than 10 seconds from code push to completed deployment.

Deployments and code review

The master branch will auto-deploy to the environment until the initial code review is complete. After that point, deployments to master will follow the GitHub Pull Request workflow.

For sites not receiving manual code review, the master branch will always auto-deploy to the environment. VIP recommends always following a PR workflow to enable the VIP code analysis bot to provide automated feedback.

Automated build and deploy process

VIP’s automated build and deploy process can automatically transpile/concatenate/minify/optimize your JavaScript, CSS, and static assets (almost anything except PHP) and deploy it your site, using a Continuous Integration (CI) or Continuous Delivery (CD) service like Travis CI or CircleCI.

This means the working branch can remain clean — with only source files — and the CI/CD service can manage the build and deployment process for you.

Please note that the automated build and deploy process is not available for all clients. If in doubt, please open a ticket with the VIP team for further advice.

Further reading

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