WordPress VIP vs Adobe Experience Manager


Choose a platform designed to meet your needs.

Three major competitive advantages of WordPress are its agility, extensibility, and flexibility. Need a decoupled architecture? WordPress can do that. Need multilingual support? WordPress can do that, too. Just like a great suit, when your platform is custom-fitted, you’ll look (and perform) your best. And with no excess baggage weighing you down, your applications will run smoother than ever.

Because the best way to protect your budget is to only pay for tools you use.

WordPress VIP’s solutions are completely customizable, so you’ll never have to pay for things you don’t use. Unlike bloated software bundles, you’ll never lose budget on what’s essentially shelfware.

Plus, with WordPress VIP, you tap into 10x market share.

34% of the web is built on WordPress, including 26% of the top 10,000 sites. That ubiquity means choosing WordPress VIP gives you front-line access to new tech as soon as its developed. For example: when Google launched AMP, and when Facebook launched Instant Articles, both only supported one content management platform from day one — any guesses? At this pace, your competitors will still be strategizing as your next product goes to market.

Above all, WordPress VIP helps you deliver remarkable experiences — for your customers, and your employees, too.

According to Gartner, “humanizing digital interactions” is the key to digital transformation. Shouldn’t the process of creating those interactions feel pretty human, too? Our clients report their favorite thing about WordPress VIP is our exceptional customer service. Our experts are always on hand to advise you on everything from future-proofing your architecture to streamlining your workflows. Together, we’re a pretty unbeatable combination.