WordPress VIP = WordPress at unmatched scale

WordPress VIP combines the ease and flexibility of WordPress— the world’s most popular CMS—with unmatched scalability and security for the largest enterprise businesses, iconic media brands, and government agencies in the public sector.

WordPress VIP plans start at US$25,000/year.

The best companies run on VIP:

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What you can expect after signing up for a demo:

Step 1: Kick-off call

Expect our team to ask a lot of discovery questions to better learn the nature of your business, your content platform needs, and your growth goals. We want to make sure that your needs are aligned with our platform, and that you know exactly what to expect from our partnership.

Step 2: Tailored WordPress VIP demo

We’ll give you a detailed idea of what to expect when using our platform, and cover any questions you have about specific functionality. We can also have a more in-depth technical conversation about your requirements, and recommend an agency partner if needed.

Step 3: WordPress VIP proposal

Our team will put together a proposal that matches your business requirements and budget with our pricing plans. We’ll carefully walk you through things and make sure we’re all on the same page before contracts are signed.

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Lower your total cost of ownership even as you scale to billions.

WordPress VIP plans start at US$25,000/year, though the price of your enterprise-grade WordPress package can vary based on a number of factors.

Here are a few of the things we take into account when building your proposal:

  • Monthly anticipated traffic
  • Number of applications
  • Customer success needs
  • Service Level Agreement

Enterprise WordPress Explained

WordPress.org, .com, VIP—what’s the difference?

WordPress.org is home base for WordPress, the open source code anyone can download to get started publishing digital content on their own.

WordPress.com helps individuals and small businesses easily publish content on sites powered by WordPress software.

WordPress VIP is the enterprise-grade, WordPress-based CMS purpose-built for the highest volume, most security conscious, and most demanding digital properties.

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Salesforce pivoted 2,000 marketers to digital, almost overnight with flexible, easy-to-use content tools on VIP.

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Across dozens of digital properties and three continents, News Corp produces and published content in a fraction of the time with VIP.

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Al Jazeera built their digital experience for 70+ (worldwide) bureaus on VIP.

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Capgemini published 20,000+ pages in 10+ languages across 38 individual sites on VIP.

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Meta launched a secure, custom ecommerce experience in under 30 days on VIP.

HelloFresh’s new content strategy increased search traffic by 122%.