WordPress Training For Users

We’ve heard countless times that WordPress is user-friendly, and easy to learn. We think so, too!

The reality is most users only discover a small percentage of WordPress’ features, and they often aren’t aware of the latest features and tips that can save them time & help them publish faster. Here at WordPress.com and WordPress.com VIP, we interact with thousands of users every day and we understand what problems, frustrations, and excitement users experience every day interacting with WordPress software.

Each of our WordPress user training sessions is completely customizable and the curriculum is modular, making it easy to focus on what’s most important to your team, and is led by expert users, editors, developers, and support staff working here at Automattic and WordPress.com VIP.

We offer user training in the following areas:

  • Superuser Training – We teach the teachers inside your organization; those who will get the rest of the team up to speed on WordPress and serve as internal experts and/or site administrators.
  • User Training – From mastering media to sharing socially, or simply getting to know the WordPress dashboard, we take your users through the most popular features in WordPress so they can take their content to the next level.
  • Editorial Training – We teach you how to use WordPress’ features to run your newsroom and editorial staff more efficiently, and delve into the content workflow plugin EditFlow.

Looking for training on technical topics? Head over to our Developer Training.

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