VIP – Support Service Description

Effective February 10, 2017 VIP’s Support Service includes the following:

  • Consultation for clients hosting their own installation of WordPress (“self-hosted”).
  • Unlimited access to VIP’s support portal (via Zendesk). Response Time pursuant to the Response Time specified on your Order Form.
  • Expert Guidance on WordPress scaling, security, and development.
  • VIP’s engineers work with your engineers to ensure your sites are optimized and secure.
  • Support Seats model is one seat equals one contact person. When you sign up for a support contract you will specify a contact person who will be interacting with us. If you would like to have multiple people interact with us, you will need to buy multiple Support Seats. With a single contact you may also specify an alternate for instances where your main contact is unavailable.
  • Assist in the design of this project, utilizing VIP’s team expertise and experience working on similar WordPress builds with enterprise clients.
  • Systems and architecture guidance and setup, leveraging the Automattic systems team.
  • Hosting and infrastructure planning.
  • Development of best practices for WordPress, including theme and plugin development.
  • Guidance in leveraging open source tools, such as the Theme Customization API and WP REST API to ensure a seamless end-user experience.
  • Security and scalability best practices, leveraging VIP’s experienced WordPress / PHP developers.
  • Guidance in building a long-term strategy for development, operation and maintenance of enterprise WordPress sites, including but not limited to update strategies, plugin selection and vetting, and insight into future platform development.

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