Images on VIP Go

VIP Go uses a service similar to Photon or images, so the core image processing is the same, and they all use (roughly) the same filters.

Intermediate images

Intermediate images are not stored on the file system, only the full size version is retained. In fact, the VIP Go Files Service can generate images custom sizes on the fly. In other words, when uploading an image, no thumbnaillarge, medium or other similar versions are generated.

This has the benefit of allowing a change to the application (e.g. a theme change) to completely change what crops, resizing, effects, etc are applied to the source images without having to process all source images to produce these intermediate images in advance. It all happens just in time as requests come in, are processed, and then cached on the VIP Go edge.

Responsive Images

The VIP Go Files Service serves images with the srcset and sizes attributes to all images.  Example:

<img src=""
    sizes="(max-width: 660px) 100vw, 660px"
    srcset=" 5472w,,169 300w,,432 768w,,5761024w"
    height="371" />

If you want to roll your own srcset implementation, you can disable our responsive images support by using this filter:

add_filter( 'vip_go_srcset_enabled', '__return_false' );

Note: WordPress only outputs images with the same aspect ratio to the srcset attribute.  If you need images of different aspect ratios, consider using the wp_calculate_image_srcset filter.

Upload File Size

The default maximum upload size for media files on VIP Go is 1GB. We can upload a file size of up to 2GB for specific use cases; if that’s something your team needs, please get in touch with your requirements and we’d be happy to help.

Image Manipulation and Transformation

VIP Go has the ability to handle image resizing, cropping, process successive transformation functions as Photon does. For example, you are now able to perform a crop followed by a resize function with a filter tacked on the end, as well as many other combinations.

For example:,350px,450px,400px&resize=200,200&filter=sepia

VIP Go’s transformations are the same as Photon’s, and you can find documentation on the arguments here.

Note: transformation functions only operate on files in the uploads folder.


  • VIP Go images serves files relative to the home_url of the site, so images will be on the same domain as your site. This is unlike Photon, that serves through a subdomain of (such as
  • VIP Go always has access to all images, so the cache can be updated without a request being made, which is unlike Photon.
  • VIP Go images can support HTTPS images.
  • If possible, we advise not to provide intermediate images when exporting content for a migration. This can make the export much smaller (up to 95% of the size can be saved), and the import proportionally quicker.

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