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Penetration Testing

WordPress VIP customers are welcome to run penetration tests and security assessments / scans against their own applications / environments hosted on the VIP Cloud without prior approval.

Once your assessments are complete, we are happy to review and validate the results with your team.

Scope / Restrictions:

  • The scope of the testing must be limited to the domains mapped to your applications / environments. This means that you are not permitted to conduct any security assessments of VIP infrastructure and VIP services (e.g. the VIP Dashboard and API). If you’re unsure what this covers, please ask.
  • Please do not perform Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks or simulations against your applications or VIP infrastructure and VIP services. Any testing that is found to be abusive or that impacts our systems and other customers will likely be blocked.

If you discover a security issue with the VIP Platform or any of our services, please contact us immediately via HackerOne or VIP Support.

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