VIP Go IP Ranges

In some situations, it might be necessary to allow requests from your VIP Go environment to interact with private resources. For example, you may need to allow requests from your VIP Go site to an internal tool that’s behind a firewall.

We provide publicly accessible IP ranges for our origin data centers for these situations.

The IP range for each data center can be found at this endpoint:

Adding the provided IP range for a given data center will allow your site to communicate with a restricted platform/resource.

Precautions Around IP Range Updates

VIP Go IP ranges are subject to change at any time, and we do not provide advance warning of IP range updates.

For this reason, we recommend building your application in such a way that unexpected IP range updates are non-breaking either because the ranges aren’t required for vital site functionality, a fallback method is provided, or some other strategy.

There are a few mechanisms to monitor updates to the published ranges:

  • The serial JSON field within the response contains an epoch timestamp of the last change,
  • The updatedAt JSON field within the response contains an ISO 8601 timestamp of the last change,
  • HTTP response of requests made with the If-Modified-Since header. If the last modification date/time is newer than the value provided in the If-Modified-Since request header, the response will be HTTP 200 OK. Otherwise, the response will be HTTP 304 Not Modified.

VIP Go glossary

  • Application: the application is delivered by your software codebase, you might also refer to this as the “website”, or “site”
  • Environment: your application can run in a variety of environments, eg: production or develop (or “local development”)
  • Environment ID: the ID number assigned to an environment, this can be discovered using the VIP CLI tool

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