How Agile CMS Is Reshaping the Digital Experience Landscape


From commerce to customer acquisition, agile content is the lifeblood of digital. Without it, enterprises can’t grow.

Content that’s late to the game, that’s cumbersome to create, or that can’t be published when it’s needed is one of the biggest blockers to sustainable enterprise growth.

In this webinar, join WordPress VIP CEO Nick Gernert and guest speaker Nick Barber, author of The Forrester Wave™: Agile Content Management Systems (CMSes), Q1 2021.

They’ll help you understand:

  • The evolution of Forrester’s research from “Web CMS” to “Agile CMS” and what that means for modern content marketers.
  • Why agile content management is no longer a nice-to-have, but an enterprise imperative in today’s business climate.
  • The critical content management capabilities that position organizations for success, based on the latest Forrester research.

Bonus: Everyone who registers to watch the on-demand webinar will receive a complimentary copy of The Forrester Wave™: Agile Content Management Systems (CMSes), Q1 2021 by Nick Barber.


Forrester analyst Nick Barber

Nick Barber, Senior Analyst, Forrester

Nick serves application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals. He specializes in video technologies, digital asset management (DAM) for customer experience, and personalization. In the video space, he covers online video platforms for sales and marketing and enterprise video technologies for training and employee experience. Nick also researches DAM, which has become a cornerstone technology for enterprises as they dramatically increase their creation of rich media content like images, video, and 3D assets. On the personalization front, Nick is exploring how personalized customer experiences live at the intersection of data and content and how the understanding of that content can be augmented with artificial intelligence.

Nick Gernert, CEO, WordPress VIP

Nick Gernert is the CEO of WordPress VIP, the leading agile content platform. With more than two decades working across the open web, Nick is responsible for WordPress VIP’s overall business strategy. His passion lies in enabling enterprises to create valuable customer experiences.

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