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How much does WordPress VIP cost?

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Pricing a project can be difficult, especially when it’s hard to find the information you need before speaking with a sales executive.

So why won’t you find prepackaged WordPress VIP pricing options on this page?

At every company, projects and goals differ. That's why we collaborate with you on our pricing. Instead of providing a one-size-fits-all approach for the cost of enterprise WordPress, we first want to understand your business objectives. Then we'll build a package that takes into account everything you’ll need to achieve those goals.

Pricing your enterprise content platform

No software bloat or hidden expenses here. At WordPress VIP, we’re not interested in selling you shelfware. Instead, you'll get an agile content platform with the freedom to select the technologies that actually solve your customer experience needs. In fact, many features that are add-ons for other providers come standard with WordPress VIP.

Standard features in every plan include:

  • CDN
  • Managed infrastructure
  • Hourly backups
  • DDoS protection
  • Security / vulnerability patches
  • Automated code scanning
  • Multisite availability
  • Domain management
  • GitHub repository & workflow
  • Technical support

Reach out to one of our experts to learn more.


What factors impact my platform price?

WordPress VIP plans start at US$2,000/month, though the price of your enterprise WordPress package can vary based on a number of factors. Here are a few of the things we take into account when building your proposal:

Monthly anticipated traffic. Costs for WordPress VIP are based on HTTP requests. If you don’t know this number, we can help estimate it based on anticipated monthly page view traffic.

Number of applications. Your business might need one or hundreds of WordPress applications. WordPress VIP fully supports single or multisite installations of WordPress, and their associated non-production environments (included without charge).

Customer success needs. We’ll dig into your unique business goals to discover the level of partnership you’ll need for success. Then we’ll match that to our support experience, to ensure that we can exceed your expectations of content management at scale.

Service Level Agreement. WordPress VIP offers a tiered approach to SLAs, so we can match your expectations with our market-leading uptime and maximum ticket response times.

Learn more about the WordPress VIP platform.

Does WordPress VIP provide design and development services?

No, we provide the infrastructure upon which your digital experience is built. Most enterprise content management projects do require custom development. For that, you’ll want to either use your internal team of developers, or engage a specialized agency. The good news? The ubiquity of WordPress makes for a large talent pool of skilled developers to choose from.
Meet our agency partners.

What technology integrations are available?

One of the many great things about WordPress is its flexibility. You can choose from a nearly endless array of enterprise-grade robust plugins, integrations, and APIs. If you’re overwhelmed by all the options, our experts can guide you in building exactly the digital experience you need.
See our technology partners.

Are there upfront costs or additional fees?

Nope! There are no setup fees, and no additional costs.

Are there overage charges if I have traffic spikes?

We believe high traffic should be a cause for celebration, not an opportunity to sneak in overage charges. If your sites are consistently experiencing higher-than-expected levels of traffic, we’ll work with you to reassess the right package level for your needs.

How long are your contracts? Can I pay monthly?

Contracts are annual. Annual payments are our standard, but talk to your Account Executive if you need to structure payments differently (quarterly or monthly).

How long will it take to migrate my site to WordPress VIP?

The amount of time and energy that a migration to WordPress VIP will take is heavily dependent on the volume of sites, their existing code, and what (if any) changes need to be made to help optimize them for WordPress VIP. That said, our target for launches is 30 days from the day of signing.

What’s the difference between WordPress and WordPress VIP?

WordPress is the open source software that powers 39% of the web, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online. WordPress VIP is part of the Automattic family which includes companies like, Tumblr, WooCommerce, and Jetpack. is best for personal use, freelancers, and small businesses. WordPress VIP is purpose-built to help enterprises with multiple sites, complex setups, millions of page views, or large teams to create valuable customer experiences.

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