The Yavli WordPress.com VIP plugin enables you to monetize your ad blocker audience using Yavli’s specially curated first party ad network.

Yavli has been at the bleeding edge of developing ad blocker circumvention technology and is proud to partner with WordPress.com VIP.

Features include:

  • First party ad serving.
  • Curated ads specifically for an ad blocker audience.
  • Family friendly advertising.
  • Non-intrusive.
  • Works on ALL devices.
  • Only shows when someone visits your site using an ad blocker.
  • Doesn’t interfere with existing ad stack.
  • Dashboard to monitor revenue and impressions.
  • Responsive ad formats and units.

Using the Yavli plugin on VIP is very straightforward:

  1. Register your interest here: http://yavli.com/monetization.html
  2. Add the plugin and credentials.
  3. Request Nginx changes via VIP.
  4. Begin to monetize your ad blocker audience.

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