Infuse your website with rich video experiences powered by Ooyala within WordPress using the Ooyala WordPress plugin. Streamline your web publishing workflow by easily uploading, managing and embedding high-quality videos for playback on any screen.

  • Integrated workflow ― With the Ooyala-WordPress plugin, you can upload, search, manage and embed your videos directly from your WordPress website page or blog post.
  • Deliver TV-quality video to any device ― once you upload a video to Ooyala Backlot, it is automatically transcoded to all major formats for high-quality playback on any screen.
  • Create the right look ― design an integrated video experience using publishing tools that allow you to customize player color, text, controls, end screens and more.
  • Inform your content strategy ― use powerful video analytics to make smart editorial choices, knowing how, when, and where your users view and share your videos.
  • Generate ad revenue ― place ads from over a dozen leading ad networks or from your own inventory simply by dragging and dropping them at any point in your video.
  • Monetize content directly ― integrate a paywall right in the player, so viewers can pay with a few secure clicks. Easy checkout means fewer dropouts and more conversions.

To learn more about how Ooyala can unlock the true revenue potential of digital TV, contact us here.

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