Unlock a new, premium revenue stream by selling, deploying and managing native ads through the Nativo platform.

The platform can also provide an automated revenue stream by adding branded content from top advertisers into native placements on your site.

Nativo provides never-before-possible control & management over native ad placements including precise scheduling of flight dates, impression caps, automated optimization, geo targeting and device targeting.

The Nativo platform features a WordPress plugin that accommodates a wide variety of site templates and designs. The plugin automatically adjusts to mobile themes and allows you to monetize your mobile traffic. JavaScript, API, community and other integrations are also available.

The Nativo platform can be used to:

  1. Deploy native ad placements on your own network of sites (for direct sales)
  2. Generate additional revenue by carrying premium brand content (provided by Nativo)
  3. Paid syndication of custom content you’ve created for brands

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