The Janrain User Management Platform (JUMP) combines the ability to acquire users across multiple digital and marketing channels—web, mobile, desktop apps and social media—with the management of user identity and profile data while delivering valuable customer insights. The open standards, cloud-based platform comprises core products for social login and sharing, social profile data, registration, profile data storage, and single sign-on. Designed to seamlessly fit into your site(s) built on WordPress VIP, JUMP offers integrations with best-of-breed technology components to extend the use of this profile data and user identity to your other digital marketing systems.

Janrain provides tailored solutions that fit the specific needs of websites of all types with the right combination of the following features:

  • Social Login – Register and sign-in users using your choice of 30+ identity providers including Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Yahoo!, and PayPal.
  • Social Sharing – Deploy the best social sharing widget on the web which keeps users on your site and simultaneously collect rich social profile data.
  • Hosted Registration – Janrain’s high-performance, customizable registration system saves you time and effort over building a registration workflow and includes all the features you would expect like CAPTCHA, in-line field validation and verification, profile management screens, dirty word filter, email confirmation, password reset, and more.
  • Social Profile Data – Social login enables brands to collect highly accurate and up-to-date user demographic, psychographic, interest, and social graph data.
  • Hosted User Database – Automatically store social profile data in Janrain’s specialized social database and easily add first-party registration, other appended data.
  • Single Sign-On – Enable your users to navigate within your network of websites without being required to re-authenticate.
  • 3rd-party Vendor Integrations – Leverage social profile data for measurable ROI from user management with deep integrations with the vendors you use today for email marketing, analytics, data management, customer relationship management, e-commerce, and engagement.
  • Strategic Digital & Social Media Services – Our team of thought leaders are at your disposal to help you realize value through social integration with best practices, customized deployments, and site optimization.

Learn more about how Janrain drives real results for innovative customers like FOX, Universal Music Group, Samsung, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, TMZ, and the BBC at Janrain.com.

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