Inform Video Match

Inform Video Match

Generate more digital revenue by installing Inform Video Match and easily embedding any of our thousands of daily, free and pre-licensed videos from major media companies including: the Associated Press, Reuters, FOX Sports, CBS, Yahoo, Entertainment Tonight, Bloomberg, The Weather Channel and hundreds of local TV stations across the United States. We are the platform that takes your stories to the next level of monetization, with no cost to you! See today’s videos available at


  • Search for free video to add to your post without your editors having to copy/paste embed code
  • Preview that video directly from the search results so you know you’ve made the right choice
  • Embed multiple videos directly into your WordPress post wherever you’d like those videos to appear
  • Every player is responsive, making it a perfect fit for your desktop and mobile sites
  • Our player can be used even if you are also using videos from YouTube, Facebook, Brightcove, Ooyala, JW Player or thePlatform


Note: This plugin is for customers with Inform accounts. Want a free Inform account? Email us at

  1. In your WordPress admin, click on “VIP” in the left sidebar and choose “Plugins & Services”
  2. Scroll to “Inform Video Match” and click “Activate”
  3. You’ll now see a new “Inform” section in the left sidebar.
  4. If you are a new user to the plugin, please register to complete activation. If you are a returning user to the plugin, log in using your Inform Control Room credentials.

Have questions or want to know more? Email or connect with your Inform partner representative.

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