Image Metadata Cruncher

What does this plugin do?

Image Metadata Cruncher lets you control what metadata is extracted and displayed with your images.

This plugin is a must-have tool for photographers who edit their images in Lightroom or Photomechanic and don’t want to waste their precious time by writing all the keywords and categories once again by hand. by default extracts the EXIF ImageDescription of an uploaded image to the Description field and the IPTC Headline to the Title field of the Edit Media form, but Image Metadata Cruncher gives you ultimate control over this behavior. You decide what metadata gets inserted where and in what form.

How do I set it up?

Once you’ve activated the plugin, go to Settings→Image Metadata Cruncher in your Dashboard’s sidebar menu. There, you can specify your Media form fields and meta tags:

Image Settings

Now when you upload images, the Attachment Details will fill in as you have specified:

Image details

For more information, please see the full plugin documentation here.

What features does the plugin offer?

  • Extract and process IPTC, EXIF and other image metadata.
  • Convert the extracted metadata into complex strings with the plugin’s simple but powerfull templating system.
  • Extract metadata to unlimited custom post meta fields that will be saved with the image to the database.
  • Crunch already uploaded attachments with the crunch() method.

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