Fieldmanager is a comprehensive toolkit for building forms, meta boxes, and custom admin screens for WordPress.

Field Types

  • Autocomplete
    Text fields that responds to user input with autocomplete suggestions (optionally via an ajax request).
  • Checkbox
    Single boolean checkbox.
  • Checkboxes
    A set of multiple checkboxes which stores as an array of the checked values.
  • Colorpicker
    Color picker interface.
  • Datepicker
    Text fields that uses the jQuery UI Datepicker to allow the user to select a date from a calendar. Optionally adds fields for time.
  • Grid
    Data grids (spreadsheets).
  • Hidden
    Hidden input fields.
  • Link
    Text fields that sanitize values as URLs.
  • Media
    Allow users to select an attachment via the Media popup.
  • Password
    Password text fields (hides user input).
  • Radios
    A set of radio buttons. Often accompanied by a datasource to populate the radio buttons.
  • RichTextArea
    Produces a visual editor (TinyMCE) field.
  • Select
    Select dropdowns.
  • TextArea
    Textarea (multi-line text) fields.
  • TextField
    Basic single-line text fields.


With Fieldmanager, you can add fields to different contexts.  For example, you might want to add a new option in the user profiles, which you can do through the User Context.

Available Contexts:

  • Post Context
    Adds a meta box to the new/edit post screen (for any post type), and saves data to post meta.
  • Term Context
    Adds fields to the new and/or edit term screen, and saves data to term meta.
  • Submenu Context
    Adds a new screen to the WordPress admin, and saves data to options.
  • User Context
    Adds fields to the edit user (profile) screen, and saves data to user meta.
  • Quickedit Context
    Adds fields to the Quickedit box in the post list screen, and saves data to post meta.

Grouping Fields

Fieldmanager lets you group one or more fields together to help with organizing content. You can have single-level groups, tabbed groups, and multi-level groups.

Image of a Single-Level Field Group
Single-Level Group of fields
Image of a Tabbed Field Group
Tabbed Field Group
Image of a Vertical Tabbed Field Group
Vertical Tabbed Field Group
Image of a Multi-Level Field Group
Multi-Level Field Group

Repeating and Sorting Fields

Fields or Groups of fields can repeat and be sorted.

  • The limit key is used to determine how many times a field can repeat. Use 0 if you want to allow unlimited fields
  • The sortable key is used to make a field sortable. This might be useful in a case where you are building a slider or other content that needs to be moved around.


$fm = new Fieldmanager_Group( array(
			'name'           => 'repeatable_meta_fields',
			'limit'          => 0,
			'add_more_label' => 'Add another set of fields',
			'sortable'       => true,
			'collapsible'    => true,
			'label'          => 'Fields',
			'children'       => array(
				'text'         => new Fieldmanager_Textfield( 'Text Field' ),
				'media'        => new Fieldmanager_Media( 'Media File' ),
		) );
$fm->add_meta_box( 'Field Group', 'demo-group' );

Repeatale, Sortable, and User-generated

You might want to have the option to create pages with different types of fields in different arrangements. The same post type might be configured for multiple images, a text field, and a button – or no images, a text field, and a form.

To accomplish these kinds of layout options, take a look at our Custom Blocks demo plugin:

Seen in action:

Fieldmanager Demos

To see more demos, check out the Fieldmanager Demos plugin from Alley Interactive:

Once you install and activate the plugin, you will see new post types that demonstrate different field types.

More Information

Official Site:
API Docs:

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