What does this plugin do?

This plugin syncs your WordPress content in the CoSchedule VIP application. From there, you’ll have robust tools to help you manage your content marketing editorial calendar, team workflow, and social media messages.

Essentially, CoSchedule VIP is the comprehensive planning and publishing tool for content marketers. It integrates the power of WordPress with the needs of the team—strategists, editors, writers, designers, social media managers, and the bigwigs—to complete projects on time from ideation to sharing on social media months after publishing.

CoSchedule VIP isn’t only a standalone plugin—it integrates into WordPress. Once you’re a paying user, you can access CoSchedule VIP from your WordPress Admin dashboard. You’ll also be able to use CoSchedule VIP on the Add/Edit post pages in WordPress.

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Note: This only works for VIP customers who have active CoSchedule accounts.

  • Step 1: In WordPress, go to “VIP” in your left sidebar and select “Plugins & Services”
  • Step 2: Find “CoSchedule” and select “Activate”
  • Step 3: Select the new “Calendar” option in your left sidebar and log in or create your CoSchedule account

Time Zones
Set your time zone correctly to schedule according to your location. Pay extra attention to this step during the setup process.


What is CoSchedule?
CoSchedule is a content marketing editorial calendar that syncs with your WordPress blog using a WordPress plugin. It helps you visualize and plan your blog content with drag-and-drop ease. You can create and publish customized messages for your social networks for each blog post.
When you need to move your post publish date or time, the social messages attached to those posts move with them. You can collaborate with your entire team and delegate tasks for your blog posts.

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How does CoSchedule work?

After you sign up for an account at, you can connect your WordPress blog to your CoSchedule account. You will then have access to the calendar and team features at CoSchedule synchronizes your WordPress post, author, and category information to its servers, but all of your WordPress data remains in WordPress. CoSchedule will update that WordPress data as you direct, but the data always remains in WordPress. Social messages, tasks, comments, team members, and other data you create in CoSchedule will be stored on CoSchedule’s servers, and never in WordPress.

Will this plugin slow down my site?

No. CoSchedule is an independently operated application and relies primarily on our servers to do all the hard work. Chances are that the CoSchedule plugin is one of the most basic that you will have installed.

If CoSchedule goes down, will it affect my website?

Definitely not. CoSchedule operates as an independent service. While we sync with your WordPress blog, we are still separate entities. If CoSchedule goes down (a rare occasion) your site will be safe and secure.

What level of technical support do you offer?

We have a support team avaialable from 9am to 5pm CST Monday – Friday (except US holidays). We also provide weekend on a rotating schedule. Phone and video chat support is available as needed. VIP customers are given priority access in all support channels. You can contact us through the app. Or, you can follow us on Twitter for updates on service status and holiday support hours, and other important information. The VIP team is also available to help you with basic CoSchedule support.

Where is my data stored?

All WordPress content remains in WordPress. CoSchedule will update your WordPress data as you direct it, but the data will remain there. Other data, such as team collaboration and tasks, is stored on our secure CoSchedule servers. It will not be sent to, nor affect, your WordPress installation.

Why do I need CoSchedule?

Managing a team blog or planning your own blog’s content marketing is not easy inside of WordPress. CoSchedule is an all-in-one editorial calendar that makes it easier to create, move, and manage your blog posts and stay ahead of your plan. It allows for WordPress blogging team collaboration without needing extra outside tools and logins, reducing the time and unnecessary complexity required to plan your blog’s content marketing program. The lightweight plugin allows CoSchedule to work without unnecessary burden on WordPress, which is different than WordPress-oriented plugins like Edit Flow. You can read more here.

Is it really as good as they say? 

Yes, even better. Most of our users blog more, schedule more social media messages, and get more traffic because of CoSchedule. It makes you a better blogger.

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