Co-Authors Plus

What does this plugin do?

Co-Authors plus enables you to add multiple authors to posts, pages, and custom post types via a search-as-you-type input box.

Additionally, with this plugin, you can add writers as authors without creating WordPress user accounts. Simply create a guest author profile for the writer by going to Users→Guest Authors in your Dashboard’s sidebar menu. Click “Add New” and fill in the fields:

Guest Profile

Then, assign the Guest Author as you normally would.

You can even map the Guest Author to an existing user account on your site, so that you (as a site administrator) can control the bio and user information that appears for that user account. This is useful if an employee that writes for your blog leaves your organization, or if one of your writers has a personal site on and their bio on your site should appear differently than it does elsewhere.

How do I set it up?

Once you’ve activated the plugin, you’ll notice a new “Authors” module below the Visual Editor when you create or edit a post or page.


To add an author, search for their username. To remove one, click the remove link.

Co-authored posts appear on each co-author’s archive page and in each author feed, and each co-author may edit the posts. Note that co-authors who have the contributor user role may only edit posts if they have not been published.

Two Authors

If your theme does not display bylines, this plugin does not actually add a visible byline to each post. For custom bylines, try the Byline plugin.

For more information on Co-Authors Plus, please see the full plugin documentation here.

What features does the plugin offer?

  • Add multiple authors to posts, pages, and custom post types.
  • On the frontend, use the Co-Authors Plus template tags to list co-authors anywhere you’d normally list the author.
  • Create a listing of all or some posts by a given co-author.
  • Create Guest Authors for users without accounts, and/or use Guest Author profiles to control what user information displays for your authors.
  • Use included wp-cli subcommands to create guest authors in bulk automatically

The VIP team contributes to the development of Co-Authors Plus. If you’d like to see new features added or want to contribute yourself, let us know!

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