Cloudinary enables you to automate and simplify the process of manipulating, optimizing, and delivering images and videos across different devices and channels. Whether you need to create variants for different campaigns or personalize assets or improve performance for faster loading, Cloudinary offers a wide array of manipulations.

Through the award-winning Cloudinary WordPress Plugin, you can easily crop, resize, transcode, add overlays, and optimize images and videos in real time. And with support for the popular WooCommerce platform, you can manage all of your eCommerce assets in one place, simplifying your team’s workflow. All the rich media is delivered through global content delivery networks (CDNs).

Digital Asset Management

Cloudinary’s embedded media library makes it easy to maintain a single source of truth across different teams with AI-powered tagging and search, metadata management, cross-team collaboration through comments and sharing, and access control.

Multi-Level Transformations

Manipulate images and videos at a global level, taxonomy (category or tag) level or manipulate each individual asset on the fly, before inserting it into your site.

Global Transformations

Your settings allow you to configure a set of global transformations and optimizations that you want to apply to all your images, and optionally a different set for videos.

The following global settings enable responsive breakpoint generation with a maximum of 5 breakpoints, configures the format and quality to be set automatically, and overlays the Cloudinary logo in the bottom right corner of the image.

Taxonomy Transformations

By controlling transformations at a taxonomy level, you can automate your transformations and optimizations, simply by adding a category or tag and controlling whether to overwrite the globally applied transformations.

The following tag set up will update all images with the Instagram tag to have a width of 450px and an Instagram preview underlay.

The following category set up goes through all posts under the Portfolio category and will update the quality to the highest level of 100 and apply a watermark to all images which don’t already have these transformations applied.

Individual Transformations

Transformations on individual images and videos can be created and inserted using the media editor. Here you can apply a multitude of transformations such as format selection, resizing, cropping, filters and effects, overlays, and much more.

Dynamic Video Delivery

Cloudinary automates the entire video publishing workflow—from creating variants for different campaigns, including vertical and square videos, to transcoding, optimizing, and delivering video to every screen. With the customizable video player, you can specify if you want your videos to autoplay, display controls, limit the bitrate, and more.


Use extensible APIs to easily integrate with other upstream and downstream applications in your tech stack or leverage built-in integrations with popular applications — including the WooCommerce platform — to create a single source of truth across teams and systems. And with Cloudinary’s integrated support for Gutenberg and classic WordPress editors designing your posts and pages is easier than ever before.

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