What does this plugin do?

This plugin helps you easily deploy the necessary Chartbeat code on your WordPress site and gives you access to your Chartbeat account within your Dashboard.

For Chartbeat Publishing customers, the plugin will also automatically configure section and author variables, allowing you to drill deeper into your website’s top-performing content.

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Note: This only works for VIP customers that have active Chartbeat accounts.

  • Step 1:  Download the Chartbeat WordPress plugin.
  • Step 2:  Install the Chartbeat WordPress plugin.
  • Step 3:  Connect your Chartbeat account and configure your settings.
  • Step 4:  Activate your Chartbeat Dashboard in WordPress using the steps below:
    • In your WordPress Admin Dashboard, go to Settings > Chartbeat.
    • Fill in your User ID. You can get your User ID by clicking on the “find yours” link.
    • Track Visits by Site Admins: Select ‘NO’ and Chartbeat will ignore any incoming traffic from members of your blog—those who are logged into your WordPress CMS.
      • Enable Chartbeat Publishing: If you are a Chartbeat Publishing customer, select ‘YES’.
      • Optional – The plugin includes an optional front-end widget that displays real-time stats on your blog (if allowed by your theme). If you’d like to enable this feature:
        • Fill in your API key. You can get it by clicking on “get API key here.”
        • Select the number of top pages to show and color scheme.
  • Step 5:  Click on the Chartbeat tab on the left side of your navigation bar to access your Chartbeat Dashboard. In addition, we’ve added an internal widget to your Admin Dashboard.
  • Step 6:  Enter the domain of your blog. Do not add ‘http://’ or ‘www.’
  • Step 7:  Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Test.’
  • Step 8:  SUCCESS! Check out your Chartbeat Dashboard.

Time Zones
You must have your time zone set correctly for events to work properly in the historical chart.

Overriding Settings

There are a number of filters in the plugin that let you override config values like the domain, author, and section.

  • chartbeat_config_domain
  • chartbeat_config_author
  • chartbeat_config_sections

For example, to override the domain that Chartbeat sees:

Overriding Settings


How does Chartbeat work?
Chartbeat Publishing is fundamentally different from any other web analytics service. Every few seconds, we ping every single visitor on your website and then ask, “Where are you and what are you doing now?” This tells us how many active visits are occurring at any given moment.

When a user visits a page on your website, the Chartbeat Publishing JavaScript triggers the loading of a beacon image, which returns a 1×1 pixel image. We reload the beacon every 15 to 240 seconds, depending on the level of user engagement. Our code also adds a couple of event listeners for registering user engagement.

Will this plugin slow down my site?

No, the Chartbeat Publishing code is fully asynchronous, which means that it’s the last script that loads on a page. It will not have an affect on your site’s performance. The JavaScript installed on the page will wait for the “onload” event before fetching the main code (around 3KB gzipped).

If Chartbeat goes down, will it affect my website?

No, your website will not be affected if anything happens with our services, since the Chartbeat Publishing code and beacon are fully asynchronous. The only impact would be on your ability to interact with your website’s data via the Chartbeat Publishing Dashboard and other products.

What level of technical support do you offer?
We pretty proud of how quickly we turn around support queries. In fact, we have an entire team, the Chartcorps, dedicated to offering our customers top-tier product education and technical support. The turnaround time for most support requests is one hour during traditional business

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