Setka Editor empowers editorial teams to unlock the true potential of digital design. It allows for creativity and efficiency in the hands of editors and designers while remaining a controlled, safe, seamlessly integrated and scalable technology.

Customize design without coding

A look at Setka Editor within WordPress

Setka Editor allows content teams to create unique layouts that perfectly fit each story without having to code. It also allows you to customize your design elements so your brand style can shine through.

This means more beautiful articles with less stress, and more time for the developers to focus on important tasks. Design features include:

  • Grids: Structure your content better, dramatically improve readability and gain perfect control over every element on your page in just a few seconds with the grid system.
  • Interactive design: Easily add a level of interactivity and increase the time readers spend with your content. Add animation, anchors or full width and background images on the fly to make your posts more engaging.
  • Alignment and Indents: Easily set your content’s horizontal and vertical alignment and indents.
  • 100% customizable inline icons library: Upload and adjust your icons library, edit colors. When used icons adjust to the font sizing.
Setka Editor allows users to customize design details without coding a thing.
  • Post styles: Define your post’s style in our Style Manager. Determine your text formats and fonts, choose colors and create dividers. Make as many post styles as you like.
  • Reusable templates and design elements: Create and save post templates and reusable design elements at the click of a button.
  • More freedom with typography: Choose from hundreds of Google Fonts, connect your Adobe TypeKit or upload your own custom fonts.
  • Seamless production process: Setka Editor wants to make design easier, not get in your way. That’s why we’ve made our tool to work within your editorial and technical processes. We do this by providing:
  • True WYSIWYG: When designing an article you see exactly how it will look when published. Press tab to instantly see both desktop and mobile versions in preview.
  • Team collaboration and rights management: Everything you need to work effectively as a team is included. Add multiple users to your post, set user rights and communicate through comments.
  • Extra customization through code: Don’t worry developers—you’ve still got the power. If our grids, fonts, animations, post styles, layouts, templates and snippets aren’t enough and you want to customize further, Setka Editor enables you to easily add custom CSS and alter HTML within the post and within any of your reusable design elements.

Gutenberg Ready

Already running Gutenberg? The Setka Editor content block is now available.

Setka Editor is among the first plugins ready for the release of WordPress 5.0, which includes the new Gutenberg editor. We have developed a Setka Editor content block, which can be used with any other blocks on your page.

Designed to work at scale

We know the capabilities necessary for a plugin to work for a digital publisher — we were born out of one! The initial Setka Editor prototype was designed within an online media company and developed to work at scale. Using Setka Editor, the same company today creates 2000+ posts per month and receives 7 million monthly visitors. We’ve also tested it with over 900 international brands of all sizes.

Google AMP ready

The Setka Editor pairs seamlessly with the AMP for WordPress plugin to generate eye-catching Accelerated Mobile Pages. All Setka Editor design elements—like animations, slideshows, etc.—remain the same on Accelerated Mobile Pages or are transformed to fit within AMP’s capabilities. These features work with all AMP plugin template modes: Classic Mode (where you use default WordPress AMP-ready themes to generate Accelerated Mobile Pages) and new Paired and Native modes (where you customise your own WordPress theme or use a native, already AMP-ready, theme).

Clean, SEO-friendly code

Setka’s code is set up for faster load times.

Setka Editor is focused on proper code structure in line with HTML5 standards. Unlike PageBuilders, working within post content allows for a lower level of nesting (which means faster loading times).

Setka Editor properly uses header tags and supports input of alt text for all your images. It is compatible with Yoast and other WordPress SEO plugins.

Outputs however you need them

Setka Editor organizes data using a tree-like structure. Each content element (paragraph, picture, grid, etc.) is represented as an object with its own properties and connections to other elements. This means your pages aren’t tied to HTML output, and can be exported in any necessary format, including JSON and other formats.

Beautiful content, even if you uninstall

Never lose your designs, even if you leave Setka.

We don’t want to lock you in (although we hope you’ll stay!). Everything is saved as HTML code in your database. CSS files can be stored on your side or be delivered from Setka Editor CDN. This means that if you decide to uninstall the plugin you will still be able to connect style files to posts that are saved on your server, maintaining both the content itself and its stunning design.

Responsive layout for mobile screens

Designs are automatically responsive for mobile devices.

You will never have to worry about being mobile-friendly again. Setka Editor automatically adapts your post design for mobile and autoscaled images. If you would like to further customize it, you can choose mobile layout options or set specific text formats and fonts for tablet and mobile. Preview your post instantly to see what they will look like on different devices.

Export your layouts anywhere using the cloud

Design Cloud is a Setka Editor tool, which helps to design beautiful posts and export them in HTML to any third-party site or advertising platforms.


  1. Get the Setka Editor subscription to access the Style Manager and obtain a license key.
  2. On VIP Go, please check the Go Plugins documentation.
  3. Search for Setka Editor and click Activate in Setka Editor Plugin Settings.
  4. Enter your license key.
  5. You are now integrated and ready to go. To read more about the Setka Editor setup and integrations, check out our detailed Help Center.

Our styles will not influence your existing WordPress themes as they are independent of each other. During the integration process, you’ll receive links to post styles and editor files via API. To launch Setka Editor, connect it on your post creation page.


[Only Available on VIP Go]

Yoast SEO for WordPress

Need an SEO plugin that helps you reach for the stars? Yoast SEO is the original WordPress SEO plugin since 2008. It is the favorite tool of millions of users, ranging from the bakery around the corner to some of the most popular sites on the planet. With Yoast SEO, you get a solid toolset that helps you aim for that number one spot in the search results. Yoast: SEO for everyone.

Yoast SEO does everything in its power to please both visitors and search engine spiders. How? Below you’ll find a small sampling of the powers of Yoast SEO:

Taking care of your WordPress SEO

  • The most advanced XML Sitemaps functionality at the push of a button.
  • Full control over site breadcrumbs: add a piece of code and you’re good to go.
  • Set canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content. Never have to worry about Google penalties again.
  • Title and meta description templating for better branding and consistent snippets in the search results.

Write awesome content with Yoast SEO

  • Content & SEO analysis: Invaluable tools to write SEO-friendly texts.
  • The snippet preview shows you how your post or page will look in the search results – even on mobile. Yoast SEO Premium even has social media previews!

Keep your site in perfect shape

  • Yoast SEO tunes the engine of your site so you can work on creating great content.
  • Our cornerstone content and internal linking features help you optimize your site structure in a breeze.
  • Integrates with Google Search Console: See how your site performs in the search engines and fix crawl errors.
  • Manage SEO roles: Give your colleagues access to specific sections of the Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Bulk editor: Make large-scale edits to your site.


Publishers that integrate LaterPay on their VIP-hosted site can choose from a number of monetization solutions that best suit their needs. Publishers can prompt users to purchase a specific article, timed access to content, or a full subscription. Single purchases and time passes complement the full subscription model by pulling new potential subscribers into the publisher’s ecosystem while generating incremental revenues.

Learn more here:

Facebook’s Instant Articles

We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for publishers to share their content on Facebook. One way we do this is by offering the free WordPress plugin for Instant Articles, which simplifies the process of generating and publishing Instant Articles from WordPress. If you own a site or blog powered by WordPress, you can easily start creating Instant Articles.

Learn more here:

AMP Project

This plugin adds support for the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project, which is an an open source initiative that aims to provide mobile optimized content that can load instantly everywhere.

With the plugin active, all posts on your site will have dynamically generated AMP-compatible versions, accessible by appending /amp/ to the end your post URLs. For example, if your post URL is, you can access the AMP version at If you do not have pretty permalinks enabled, you can do the same thing by appending ?amp=1, i.e.

Note #1: that Pages and archives are not currently supported. Pages support is being worked on.

Note #2: this plugin only creates AMP content but does not automatically display it to your users when they visit from a mobile device. That is handled by AMP consumers such as Google Search. For more details, see the AMP Project FAQ.

Follow along with or contribute to the development of this plugin at


Apester offers a suite of tools to easily create and embed beautiful interactive content units that allow publishers and other content creators to bolster their coverage and enhance their storytelling by making the users engage with the article they are reading.

Thanks to a superbly easy to use editor tool and a design that’s both slick and mobile friendly, many of the world’s biggest publishers are using Apester daily to add an interactive layer to any piece of content, and in return boost all important engagement metrics – from click through rates to time on site, from social shares to page views per session.

The platform, which offers a vast variety of layouts, features and tools to create the world’s most engaging polls, quizzes, personality test and more – is free for editorial use. And with a collaboration with Apester, allows also for generating revenue.

Quickly and safely sign in at, and you’ll be one minute away from putting the world’s largest interactive content platform into use on your content.

To activate the Apester Plugin:

  • On VIP, go to VIP / Plugins and Services in your site admin. From the VIP Featured Plugins section, click Activate Plugin on the Apester plugin.
  • On VIP Go, see the Go Plugins documentation for details.


WebDAM Asset Chooser

Features include:

  • No more downloading, uploading and replicating assets in multiple libraries.
  • Browse WebDAM library from WordPress.
  • Drag and drop images directly from your asset library.
  • Automatically update images with live links.

To activate the Asset Chooser Plugin:

  • On VIP, go to VIP / Plugins and Services in your site admin. From the VIP Featured Plugins section, click Activate Plugin on the WebDAM plugin.
  • On VIP Go, see the Go Plugins documentation for details.

Configure your account:

  1. In your site admin, navigate to Settings and choose WebDAM.
  2. Enter the full URL for your WebDAM account – for example,
  3. Click Save Changes.

Use the plugin to add assets from your WebDAM library to a post:

  1. To insert an asset, click the WebDAM icon.
  2. Log in using your WebDAM credentials.
  3. Select the assets you’d like to insert.
  4. Choose which size thumbnail you want to embed (550, 310, 220, or 100px).
  5. Click Insert.

Brightcove Video Connect

Brightcove Video Connect (1)

Brightcove Video Connect for WordPress gives customers access to their Video Cloud assets and playlists natively from within WordPress. This integration extends key features of Brightcove to WordPress users, making video part of the publishing workflow for the entire organization.

Key Features include:

  • Brightcove’s latest Platform APIs including CMS, Dynamic Ingest, and Player APIs
  • Support for the new Brightcove Player
  • Access to multiple Brightcove Accounts
  • Support for both single and network (multisite) WordPress instances
  • Native browsing of playlists and videos from specific Brightcove accounts
  • Searching and filtering of videos by tag, date, and account all from directly within the WordPress admin
  • Easy video embed and video preview of videos within the content editor

JW Player

jwplayer-wordpress-screenshot-1The JW Platform plugin for WordPress provides publishers with the ability to manage the videos they host using the JW Platform, directly within WordPress. Video uploads and embeds can be performed directly within the WordPress post / page editor. This plugin has been built by JW Player, and provides users with an easy way to manage and embed their videos – hosted in JW Platform – and publish them to WordPress, using the JW Player.

JW Platform is an online video platform, developed by the makers of JW Player, built for website owners, web developers, and video producers to upload, manage, customize and publish online video content with ease.

Key Features

  • Fast video streaming for playback in a video player, in both HTML5 and Flash modes
  • Inline search field available to locate specific videos within your video library
  • Quick click-to-publish for a specific video that inserts it into your post/page
  • Top security using video signing to protect embedded video urls
  • Seamless integration & full support for the JW Player
  • Quicktags to locate custom players
  • Support for uploading videos using our custom widget


On VIP Go, install the plugin according to our documentation.

Then, go to the Settings » Media page in WordPress, and log in to JW Platform in order to link your WordPress blog to your JW Platform account. Your integration between WordPress and JW Platform is now set up. Feel free to change additional settings, such as the default player to use in your WordPress posts:


In addition to this, you may choose to enable the widget in the authoring pages. By default, the widget is only available in the Add media window, which is accessible by clicking one of the icons after the Upload/Insert text, right above the text area.


Streamline and simplify every step of your organization’s content creation and publishing process with the Skyword Platform. With tools to help you find contributors, assign work, and edit content, the Skyword Platform makes an ideal companion to WordPress. This Skyword plugin makes it easy to automatically publish content from Skyword to your WordPress site.

Features include:

  • Powerful Integration Options: Customizing content for your site is easy. Skyword supports categories and tags, custom taxonomies, custom post types, custom fields, and much more.
  • Author Mapping: Make sure contributors get the credit they deserve by linking contributor accounts in Skyword to author accounts in WordPress, or enable ghostwriting to keep contributors anonymous.
  • Industrial-Strength Security: Protect your organization’s credentials and content with two-factor authentication, SSL encryption, and API keys.
  • Plugin Compatibility: Skyword can interface with other plugins to provide additional functionality.

Note that you need a Skyword subscription to use this plugin. For more information, visit our website at

Getty Images

Standing out is now easier than ever.  The Getty Images VIP plugin lets you add photos and illustrations from Getty Images quickly and easily to your website – without ever leaving your VIP site.

World-class imagery

Engage, connect and inspire your readers with the world’s best visuals.  Access to over 140 million assets from Getty Images’ world-class collection, all from within WordPress.

Find the right images, faster

The Getty Images WordPress plugin is fueled by the same powerful search filters you’re used to on

Streamline to save time

Seamlessly download your image and insert directly into WordPress without jumping from website to website.

Features include:

  • Sign in using your existing Getty Images account
  • Search millions of photos, vectors and illustrations, customized to your Getty Images account
  • Download and preview comp images before you post
  • Download, insert and publish any size image using your existing agreement with Getty Images
  • Licensed images are saved to your Media Library for future use

Using the plugin on VIP

  1. Activate the Getty Images plugin on your VIP dashboard.
  2. Go to a new or existing post.
  3. Select Getty Images above the composition area, or access Getty Images from the Media tab.

Start searching for images to add to your post. Log into your Getty Images account to download images for preview or publication, and to access your content and active agreements.

Not a Getty Images customer? Contact us for details.


We’ve teamed up Sailthru to bring you onsite personalization to your VIP site! With our personalization technology embedded within the plugin, you can immediately get started with serving more relevant and personalized content to your users on a one to one level.

The Sailthru plugin makes it as easy as possible to setup Sailthru on  your VIP site. With a simple few clicks you’ll be ready to start leveraging the power of Sailthru Smart Data. Key features include:

  • Automatically adds Sailthru’s Horizon Javascript to each page
  • Adds Sailthru’s meta tags to each page
  • Has a simple interface to configure Scout and Concierge.
  • Widgets for recommended content and adding new users to lists

Using the Sailthru plugin on VIP is very straightforward:

  1. Activate the plugin from your Dashboard
  2. Add your API Key, Secret and horizon domain, which you can find in your account on the Settings page
  3. Associate a template with your sites

and you’re ready to go: the plugin will automatically add the necessary JavaScript to the footer of your theme.

For more information on using the plugin on VIP, visit Sailthru’s documentation page.


Piano enables you to generate revenue from your VIP content. Using our powerful and flexible platform, you’ll be able to create a customized solution for subscriptions, donations, downloads, videos, or whatever valuable content you create!

With Piano plugin you’ll be able to the following:

  • Paywall – restrict access to specific tags on your VIP site
  • Applause – accept donations, and change the user’s site experience based on whether or not they’ve contributed
  • Videos – upload videos onto Brightcove and use Piano to charge for access


Piano offers a host of features that let you customize your content business to your needs:

  • Tags – decide which posts your fans will pay for by simply marking it with WordPress tags
  • Previews/metering – customize how many previews your users get before paying, or being asked to donate
  • Curtain – use our template or your own HTML to customize the look and feel of your offer(s)
  • Reminders – prompt your users to support you with every few pageviews
  • Counter – show your users exactly how much of your content they’ve enjoyed so far
  • Dynamics – change the site experience for your users that have paid or donated
  • Logos – brand the checkout experience with custom images
  • Analytics – track statistics including revenue, conversion rates, paywall status, customer location, and much more


Here are the basic steps to start using Piano. A full walkthrough can be found at

  1. Activate the Piano Plugin on your VIP Site
  2. Register for a Piano Publisher Account here
  3. Edit your business information and customize your Piano Dashboard
  4. Copy and paste the Paywall ID from your Piano Dashboard to your VIP dashboard
  5. Add the tags where you’d like Piano to charge for access
  6. You’re in business! Visit your Piano Dashboard anytime to make changes and track analytics!


Infuse your website with rich video experiences powered by Ooyala within WordPress using the Ooyala WordPress plugin. Streamline your web publishing workflow by easily uploading, managing and embedding high-quality videos for playback on any screen.

  • Integrated workflow ― With the Ooyala-WordPress plugin, you can upload, search, manage and embed your videos directly from your WordPress website page or blog post.
  • Deliver TV-quality video to any device ― once you upload a video to Ooyala Backlot, it is automatically transcoded to all major formats for high-quality playback on any screen.
  • Create the right look ― design an integrated video experience using publishing tools that allow you to customize player color, text, controls, end screens and more.
  • Inform your content strategy ― use powerful video analytics to make smart editorial choices, knowing how, when, and where your users view and share your videos.
  • Generate ad revenue ― place ads from over a dozen leading ad networks or from your own inventory simply by dragging and dropping them at any point in your video.
  • Monetize content directly ― integrate a paywall right in the player, so viewers can pay with a few secure clicks. Easy checkout means fewer dropouts and more conversions.

To learn more about how Ooyala can unlock the true revenue potential of digital TV, contact us here.

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