Main plugin features

  • Get started with right away: the plugin automatically inserts the required parsely-page tag and JavaScript on all your published pages and post.
  • Allows you to specify the JavaScript implementation to use: standard, DOM free or asynchronous.

Using the plugin on VIP

  1. This plugin requires an active version of Sign up for a trial of here.
  2. Download and install the latest version of the plugin from the Directory:
  3. Activate the plugin from the WordPress Dashboard from the Plugins menu.
  4. Head to the settings page for the plugin under Settings.
  5. Add your Site ID and choose a tracker implementation method (your Site ID can be found in your settings screen). Questions about which tracker to implement? Check the FAQ section below.
  6. Save your changes, your content data will start to populate in our system.
  7. Log into and see your content’s real time performance, set up reports, and evaluate your site’s performance over time.

Feedback, suggestions, questions or concerns? Visit our knowledge base or email us at to set up trainings, find out how to best use at your organization, and more.


Where do I find my Site ID?
Head to your settings screen and copy the value for Site ID.

What tracker implementation should I use?
It’s really up to you and your requirements, but this article in our documentation should help you make a decision. If you still have questions then reach out to us at

Why can’t I see the code on my post when I preview?
Our code will only be placed on pages and posts that have been published in WordPress to ensure we don’t track traffic generated while you’re still writing a post/page.

Will break or slow down my site?

Our JavaScript code is written so that it is the very last script that loads on your page.

We host our DNS servers ( with a global, distributed DNS system, which has no downtime and extremely fast resolution times across the globe. Our JavaScript code itself is hosted in a global content delivery network (CDN) with edge locations in every global region.

Our code itself is optimized to not impact user experience in any unintended way. It also automatically leverages asynchronous JavaScript loading technologies in newer browsers. For older browsers, we use a sophisticated loading process that loads a few bytes of data from a high-speed CDN (a “bootstrap” file) and then uses an asynchronous JavaScript loading library (the LABjs library mentioned above) to ensure that none of our other assets block your page load.

Once our tracking code is loaded, we drop an extremely small cookie (just a user ID) and asynchronously beacon back information to our analytics server. If our analytics server is down, all that happens is that the actions are no longer tracked – there is no impact on the user experience otherwise.

Our team is staffed by JavaScript experts who know the pain and frustration with crappy third-party JavaScript integrations. We therefore have taken a lot of care to make our tracking code integration a no-brainer, safe decision.

Check out our public Pingdom report showing our uptime and global response times.

How can I use data to improve my site, grow my audience, or accomplish another goal?

The data and information you find in can be used in an unlimited number of ways. Your use may depend largely on your role and specific goals. Luckily, we’re here to help! Check out our blog for use case ideas, or schedule a demo ( with our team to find out which features will be most helpful for you!

How can I edit the values passed to the JSON-LD metadata?

You can use the after_set_parsely_page filter which sends 3 arguments: the array of metadata, the post object, and the parselyOptions array:

$parselyPage = apply_filters( 'after_set_parsely_page', $parselyPage, $post, $parselyOptions );

Is the plugin Google AMP / Facebook Instant Articles ready?

It is! We are hooked into Automattic’s official plugins for AMP and Facebook Instant Articles. These plugins are part of the VIP platform so you just have to enable “Parsely Analytics” in the “Advanced Settings” menu of the Facebook Instant Articles settings.

What if I have an issue? clients have full access to our live support team. If you have any problems during integration or while using our product, we’re always here to help. Contact us at or submit an inquiry on our Help page.

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