Weglot is the complete solution for creating a multilingual website in WordPress. Scalable for large volume websites with regularly added content, Weglot automates your website localization project avoiding multiple websites or manual content uploading.

Trusted by 50,000 websites, Weglot is equipped with machine translation, manual editing, and the option to order or add your own professional translators – allowing you to set your translation quality.

Built for ease, this no-code multilingual solution detects, translates, and displays the content of your WordPress website under language subdirectories, ensuring your newly translated website is visible in the search results of your target markets.


Nordot’s content sharing platform connects publishers seeking to reduce distribution costs and production costs while generating additional revenue.

We are believers in sustainable media and have designed our platform to elevate content that resonates with this philosophy. We are reimagining the way media is created, consumed, and monetized in the 21st Century.

Use the WordPress Content-Curation & Syndication Plugin by Nordot to fulfill your editorial needs and distribution needs quickly and effortlessly for FREE.

The Nordot WordPress Plugin:

As a curator or republisher you can:

  • Access stories from world-class sources with no limit
  • Cover more stories without using your own editorial resources
  • Earn 30.95% share of the net ad revenue

As a content provider or publisher you can:

  • Share your original content for more exposure
  • Safely syndicate your content in a way that is both viral and safe
  • Earn 50.05% share of the net ad revenue

Easy to Use:

Publish and syndicate your stories

Find and republish stories from other publications

The MediaGrid

The MediaGrid is a new supply management and curation platform, purpose-built for publishers looking to get more value, transparency, and control from their programmatic technology partners.

Value: The MediaGrid offers the lowest tech fees of all supply platforms in market today, meaning more ad dollars flowing through to publishers as working media.

Transparency: Our publisher partners receive full buy-side bid data, so you know which advertisers are interested in your inventory and how they value your audiences.

Control: The MediaGrid empowers publishers with full control over who has access to your supply, how it’s priced and packaged, and what ads get through to your audiences.

The MediaGrid operates across all channels, and provides publishers with the most direct and cost-efficient pathway to quality, incremental demand from top brand and agency buyers. The MediaGrid is powered by IPONWEB, a global leader in building programmatic trading platforms and infrastructure.

To learn more, visit: https://www.themediagrid.com/publishers/


Disqus is the web’s favorite commenting and engagement platform, making it easy for publishers to establish, grow, and retain loyal audiences online by facilitating meaningful discussions and interactions between publishers and their readers.

We’re on 78% of the web’s top 1000 most engaged sites and Disqus readers consume twice as much content compared to readers coming from Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other major platforms. On average, sites with Disqus see a 50% increase in article views and 35% increase in time spent on site.

With the most robust moderation tools, mobile friendly design, and simple setup, Disqus has everything a publisher needs to build an active community of readers right out of the box.

Features of the Disqus WordPress Plugin Include:

  • Access to advanced analytics dashboard to help publishers understand how their audience engages with their content.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) allows publishers to seamlessly integrate Disqus with their own user management systems. Publishers can use this to grow their subscription base, gather information about their commenters, and avoid instances of spam and trolling. 
  • Publishers can turn engagement into revenue with inventory through Disqus and highly configurable ad serving.
  • Publishers can use data provided by our unlimited API access to build custom applications such as user profiles, leaderboards, top / most recent comment feeds and other custom widgets
  • Content Analysis, part of Disqus’ Advanced Audience Analytics, helps publishers understand which articles are performing the best with their audiences and provides a breakdown of total engagements, comments, and unique commenters per article.
  • Offering robust moderation tools to help publishers keep their community safe and civil.

OneTrust PreferenceChoice

OneTrust is the #1 most widely used privacy, security and trust platform used by more than 6,000 customers and powered by 100 awarded patents.

OneTrust PreferenceChoice enables marketers to collect, manage and signal consent and preferences across back-end technologies and ecosystems.

With our toolset built to operationalize trust, we help organizations balance user experience, transparency, personalization and first-party data collection with privacy, security, and compliance across global privacy regulations.

With PreferenceChoice, marketers can drive engaging user experiences, build trust across audiences, and automate compliance.


Search engines like Google miss about half of the content on large, enterprise websites.

Missed content = missed profits.

Botify helps you uncover those missed opportunities and turn them into profitable business outcomes, all in a platform that’s built for the size, scale, and complexity of your enterprise website.

Founded in 2012, Botify built the interface and methodology that automatically connects the enterprise websites with all the major search engines to drive sustainable and profitable results from the organic search channel. It’s faster and more accurate than any alternative, with the largest, unified data model, the most prescriptive actions, and the power to automate processes.

Some of the world’s largest brands including Conde Nast, Refinery29, Ziff Davis, Farfetch, Carvana, Groupon, Expedia, and Glassdoor rely on Botify to unlock the hidden potential of their websites.

The Botify Platform

Designed to give customers complete ownership and autonomy over the entire search optimization process, Botify combines the largest unified data model, with the most prescriptive actions, and the power to automate processes.

Botify Analytics: Unified Data
With 1,000 metrics from every phase of search – crawl, render, index, rank, and convert – Botify Analytics provides the most comprehensive data map in the industry. There’s nothing you won’t know about your website.

Botify Intelligence: Prescriptive Actions
Because we’ve surfaced your site’s critical data, our Botify Intelligence suite of tools, powered by our machine-learning algorithm, is able to tell you exactly what you should focus on and what impact those optimizations will have. And, get alerts to help you protect your traffic and prescribed SEO actions to help you grow it, saving you time and giving you greater peace of mind.

Botify Activation: Automated Actions
With all your critical SEO data at your fingertips and a list of prioritized actions, there’s just one thing left to do — the work itself! Botify Activation gives SEOs the autonomy to implement their SEO projects, and helps them do it faster, easier, and in some cases, automatically! Save on resources and spend more time on strategic initiatives that need your expertise.


FeedOtter allows leading publishers to create email newsletters in less time and with fewer errors versus a manual copy and paste process.

Newsletters created using FeedOtter automatically populate with your latest content and allow editors to remove, re-order, and edit snippets while saving countless hours of error-prone copy and paste.

Integrations into Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, HubSpot, MailChimp, and Marketing Cloud allow emails to be automatically sent while a built-in approval process records review and accountability details for each send.

Remixd Voice

Consumer appetite for audio has exploded. Content publishers must quickly adapt to this shift in user preference. Remixd empowers you to meet this moment.

Remixd is the leader in spoken-word technology for media companies, quality publishers, and content creators. We’ve engineered the most complete plugin and toolset to make the written-word instantly compatible for visitors who want to listen, as well as discoverable, measurable, monetized, and ready to distribute across the audio and voice ecosystem.

The free Remixd WordPress Plugin makes it easy to add a voice to your content directly within the WordPress platform and stay ahead of the curve as consumers expect seamless access to content wherever they go, and in the form factor that’s most convenient to them.

Features of the Remixd WordPress Plugin include:

  • Simple activation instantly gives your site content a voice
  • Publish new content with audio, and audio-fy your archive
  • Automated playlists delight visitors with infinite listening
  • Make money from high-quality audio advertisers


ClassifAI plugin logo

Tap into leading cloud-based services like Microsoft Azure AI and IBM Watson to augment your WordPress-powered websites, streamline your editorial process, and increase audience engagement. Built with the same extensible approach as WordPress itself, with hooks and filters to customize service providers and integration points.

Language Processing
Relieve the editorial burden of remembering to add useful data like tags and categories with automatic classification when publishing posts or uploading media. Well-structured classification boosts SEO and enables search tools like Elasticsearch to better understand your content.

Image Processing
ClassifAI automatically creates descriptive “alt” text for your images, ensuring website accessibility and boosting SEO by helping search engines understand your media content. ClassifAI uses smart cropping and resizing to first identify an image’s area of interest or focal point, and second determine how to best crop the image to maintain its integrity. Images are automatically assigned tags using AI computer vision, making large media libraries more accessible. Editorial teams can filter, sort, and search extensive image libraries using simple tags like “car” or “computer.”

Features of the ClassifAI plugin include:

ClassifAI is made by 10up, a VIP Gold Agency Partner.


With real-time notifications and third-party integrations, Stream can proactively alert you when something goes wrong with your WordPress site.

Designed for debugging and compliance purposes, Stream is useful for keeping tabs on your WordPress users: From activating plugins to deleting posts, to login attempts and new user creation, you can see what’s changed, who changed it and when.

The plugin records WordPress user and system action to the Stream logs. Every logged-in user action is displayed in an activity stream and organized for easy filtering by User, Role, Context, Action or IP address.

Admins can highlight entries in the Stream log—such as suspicious user activity—to investigate what’s happening in real time. Stream also allows you to configure email alerts and webhooks for integrations like Slack and IFTTT to notify you and your team when something has gone wrong.

For advanced users, Stream also supports a network view of all activity records on your Multisite, the ability to set exclude rules to ignore certain kinds of user activity, and a WP‑CLI command for querying records.

With Stream’s powerful logging, you’ll have the valuable information you need to responsibly manage your WordPress sites.

Stream is made by XWP, a VIP Gold Agency Partner.


Firework for WordPress VIP:
Firework brings short-form contextual video feeds to your websites. Using state-of-the-art AI and machine learning, these videos take into account the context of your digital assets and relevance to your audience. Keep your audience engaged, entertained, enlightened and educated. Moreover, Firework videos can bring monetization opportunities for WordPress VIP clients.

Short videos have taken the world by storm! Join the short video era today–increase revenue while improving audience retention.

Firework’s WordPress Plugin, Short Video Gallery, works in conjunction with the Firework Network product. It offers a wide range of curated content categories ready for plug and play on WordPress websites.

Case Studies:
1. The Sports Daily – A popular sports news website saw their organic visitors per week increase 112% from increasing their average visitor duration in the first 30 days of integrating our Short Video Gallery feed

2. Kyuzitsu-Inubu – A popular Japanese pet blog saw a 129% increase in its desktop visitor duration time, leading to a better SEO and an increase of 145% in organic traffic 30 days after installing the Short Video Gallery feed.

About Firework:
Firework is a short format video stories platform based in Silicon Valley. The platform has created an ecosystem of brands, publishers and content partners that is driving infinite storytelling capabilities in 30-second videos. The platform is powered by a 3 step moderation system that includes AI, ML and human intervention that filters out any content that may not be suitable for the audience. This moderation also makes Firework a completely brand-safe platform. Firework is available as an app in the iOS Store, Google App Store and as an open web solution on various other partner platforms.

Firework Feed Layouts:


Fieldmanager is a powerful library which can make the development of sophisticated features a breeze, using administration screens in WordPress.

Fieldmanager is made up of three main structures:

  • Fields – The main object type in Fieldmanager. Fields can be text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, select dropdowns, and more.
  • Contexts – Contexts control where fields are displayed and how data is stored. Fieldmanager’s core contexts include post, term, user, and submenu.
  • Datasources – Datasources populate options for some fields, for instance checkboxes, radio buttons, select options, and autocomplete data. Datasources include posts, terms, users, and custom datasources. For example, an autocomplete field can use the post datasource to allow a user to select a post by typing in a fragment of the post title.

Fieldmanager is made by Alley, a VIP Gold Agency Partner.

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