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Transform your online audiences into highly engaged and profitable communities

Viafoura helps companies transform digital visitors into loyal and engaged brand followers by embedding an immersive social experience across publishers’ digital properties.

Our community-building solution includes identity and profile management, real-time, multi-threaded conversations, advanced content moderation, live chat, live blogging, ratings and reviews, and data insights. We offer the community-building solution for boosting engagement, subscriptions as well as ad revenue.

We are the only company that uses a mix of AI, user-to-user, and human moderation across a variety of community engagement tools, offering you a trusted digital environment that fosters civil discourse and brand-safe conversations.

Viafoura Community Engagement Suite: an end-to-end, seamless, fully integrated suite that delivers results.

20% more time spent on page
Make a positive first impression and make the user stay on the site to turn casual audiences into loyal users

62% more engagement
Open and expand new channels of communication, drive repeat visits, and increase depth and frequency of engagement to turn loyal audiences into brand lovers

23x more attention time
Establish a direct relationship with the user and build stronger ties with personalization and more frequent, more meaningful interactions

Increase data resolution, deeper personalization, and more engaged community and content interactions that you can monetize

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Learn more in the case studies here:

  • CBC Increases User Attention Time by 20% (case study)
  • Graham Media Group increases user conversations by 59% (case study)

Viafoura documentation: https://documentation.viafoura.com/

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