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Shape Works

Shape Works is a London-centred agency that designs and builds flexible, secure and future-proofed Enterprise CMS WordPress builds for professional services firms. 

The Shape Works approach focuses on designing and building websites that are: 

  1. Future-proofed – built for tomorrow’s changes
  2. Easier to maintain – giving you complete creative control
  3. Faster loading – always ahead on Core Web Vitals
  4. More secure – impenetrable to any form of attack
  5. A pleasure to use – for both the visitor and your team

Shape Works is proud to have wholeheartedly committed to the new Gutenberg WordPress editor, and have used it successfully on some of their largest projects over the last few years. Shape Works hand their clients the keys to performance optimisation, editorial flexibility and cost savings. The Gutenberg editor allows the user to create a modular ecosystem of reusable components, empowering them and their teams to work in more efficient ways. 

Shape Works believe enterprise CMS websites could see their average lifespans doubling from two years and seven months to over five years, reducing cost and hassle (plus the significant internal team commitment) for their clients. 

Shape Works don’t just offer enterprise-level website design and build, but also takeover, support and improvement of existing WordPress websites. Shape Works offer WordPress expertise across a wide range of areas, including supporting ongoing SEO work, A/B testing for CRO processes, brand evolution, and CMS training. 

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