The MediaGrid

A new supply platform, built for the next era of programmatic

Technology Partner

The MediaGrid is a new supply management and curation platform, purpose-built for publishers looking to get more value, transparency, and control from their programmatic technology partners. 


  • Full control over your programmatic monetization
  • Direct access to unique brand-safe demand from IPONWEB partners
  • Lowest fee structure among programmatic platforms
  • Robust publisher toolset to innovate new 1st-party targeting and data products


The MediaGrid offers the lowest tech fees of all supply platforms in market today, meaning more ad dollars flowing through to publishers as working media. 


Our publisher partners receive full buy-side bid data, so you know which advertisers are interested in your inventory and how they value your audiences. 


The MediaGrid empowers publishers with full control over who has access to your supply, how it’s priced and packaged, and what ads get through to your audiences. 

The MediaGrid operates across all channels, and provides publishers with the most direct and cost-efficient pathway to quality, incremental demand from top brand and agency buyers. The MediaGrid is powered by IPONWEB, a global leader in building programmatic trading platforms and infrastructure. 

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