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Exemplifi is a Palo Alto-based firm that specializes in building and managing enterprise websites. We are a California-certified Small Business and (MBE) Minority-Owned Business Entity dedicated to bringing organizations into the digital space with modern enterprise website solutions. 

Our team of WordPress Experts has set up and run WP websites with more than 100+ WordPress plugins across the gamut of theme builders like – Divi, Avada, Elementor, X, and Webflow

Building the best enterprise websites

Our websites are built with exacting standards and on the latest WordPress tech stacks. Our clients love us because we are in it for the long haul. Our design ethos is built on the framework of working hand in hand with our client’s objectives and values. Each of our website builds is designed to provide ease of publishing and maximum ROI on business and marketing objectives. We build websites that load fast, are user-friendly, and are designed for consistency and cost-efficiency.

We’ve built websites for industry leaders like DAT ( Leaders in freight analytics ) —

And EPIQ Global ( Leaders in legal services )

What our customers say about us

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Website Development: 

Our websites are built to exacting standards. They deliver on your marketing objectives. They are flexible, adaptable, and easy to publish content on. We offer an on-demand development model to help execute the day-day nurture of the website cost-effectively, flexibly, and with consistent quality.

Website Re-design

Nothing lasts forever: your business changes, your markets shift, your brand positioning changes. Every 2-4 years, you will want to either refresh your site entirely or switch to a new technology platform. We understand and can help you re-design your website at a moment’s call.

Website Migration / Lift-Shift

 Our team is always on the up and up when it comes to new technologies and updates. Whether it’s the latest CMS update or WordPress change, you can count on us on being ahead of the curve to give you the edge you need.

Regular Maintenance

 We can be long-term support and maintenance partners to keep updating your website, doing fixes, and making enhancements. We provide phone and email support.

Our services include:

✓   Content Changes

✓   Upgrades

✓  New Features

✓  New Pages

✓   New Sections

✓   Accessibility and SEO fixes

✓   Content Administration Training

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