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The world’s largest storytelling platform.

Apester offers a suite of tools to easily create and embed beautiful interactive content units that allow publishers and other content creators to bolster their coverage and enhance their storytelling by making the users engage with the article they are reading.

Thanks to a superbly easy to use editor tool and a design that’s both slick and mobile friendly, many of the world’s biggest publishers are using Apester daily to add an interactive layer to any piece of content, and in return boost all important engagement metrics – from click through rates to time on site, from social shares to page views per session.

The platform, which offers a vast variety of layouts, features and tools to create the world’s most engaging polls, quizzes, personality test and more – is free for editorial use. And with a collaboration with Apester, allows also for generating revenue.

Quickly and safely sign in at, and you’ll be one minute away from putting the world’s largest interactive content platform into use on your content.


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