Apply for the VIP Mentorship Program

Automattic, which runs, Akismet, VaultPress, Jetpack and many other services, is hiring mentees to work on the VIP team. VIP provides hosting and support for high-profile, high-traffic WordPress sites, including,,,,, and many more!

The Mentorship Program

What is a mentorship? The mentorship program is a full-time, paid program ($25/hour USD) that lasts 16 weeks with the opportunity for extensions. It’s an opportunity for current and aspiring WordPress developers to work on enterprise client-facing development and support with the backing of the VIP team. We’re interested in folks who are eager to grow their WordPress development skills, communicate a lot, learn on-the-fly, and challenge themselves on a weekly basis.

How is it different from an internship? We’re focused on supporting mentees by providing a structured, rigorous program for development and growth. This program is geared towards anyone with some experience in PHP and WordPress development who wants to “level-up” their skills while working alongside an awesome team.

We’re serious about increasing diversity in the tech industry. We encourage applications from women, people of color, people with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ community, and other communities traditionally underrepresented in this field. You can read more about our commitment to diversity and inclusion here.

“The experience I’ve had working for WordPress VIP is unparalleled: it’s fulfilling, challenging, and exciting work. Above all else, each day presents me with a new opportunity to learn and grow. I respect my team and love working with such a diverse group of passionate individuals committed to bettering themselves and the WordPress ecosystem. If you crave ever-changing work, and have a desire to join in the chaos, I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

Alexis Kulash (former mentee, current VIP Enterprise Engineer)

The Work

What will you work on? The mentorship focuses on improving VIP and enterprise community plugins, debugging client code, building client-facing tools, and making performance and security improvements. Your projects can be tailored to fit your personal interests and goals.

Where will you be working? Anywhere you want! Automattic is a fully distributed company. We’re happy if you work from wherever you’re happy — as long as you have a solid internet connection.

What does the day-to-day look like? We focus on completing weekly milestones throughout the mentorship program, with a different focus each month. Here’s what this looks like:

  • Month 1: Onboarding. We begin by focusing on building a strong foundation to work from for the following months. We start out with fixing PHP errors and warnings, monitoring and resolving alerts, completing a guided plugin review, and much more.
  • Month 2: Debugging. This month’s milestones are heavily support-focused and involve debugging code, working on security and performance issues, helping colleagues, and building out solutions for internal needs.
  • Month 3: Feedback. Performing code reviews on a variety of themes and plugins is the focus this month. Mentees will learn what to look out for and how to deliver constructive, supportive feedback to both teammates and clients.
  • Month 4: Reviews. This month’s milestones focus on ensuring code deployed to enterprise sites is secure, performant, and scalable. This will combine the learnings from the past few months and involve reviewing code, providing feedback, and communicating with teammates and clients.

“My experience working within support at VIP was life-changing, to say the least. Before this opportunity, I was not confident in my ability to land a high profile job as a programmer. Since the spring, my entire perspective has changed. The people at Automattic are like a tight-knit family. They helped grow me as a programmer and as a person. From day one I felt valued and accepted. So, if you’re looking for an amazing program, you’ve found it.”

– Elizabeth Thompson (former mentee)

The Application Process

Interested? Great! Here’s our application process:

  1. Apply. Start by filling out the form below to introduce yourself. Explain why you’d like to take part in the VIP mentorship program and what you’re interested in working on. Feel free to use as much space as you need in the form and be sure to include links to your online profiles as appropriate.
  2. Quiz and Short Answer. After you fill out some information about yourself, you’ll be instructed to take a quiz and fill out a short answer section. The goal of the quiz is not to find out what you already know, but to test your ability to find correct answers to questions and problems on your own. The quiz is open-book, so we’re looking for those who can use documentation and research to determine as many correct answers as possible on the quiz. The ability to research answers on your own comes in handy during the mentorship!
  3. Code. We will review the answers to the quiz and short answer section and contact you if we’d like to proceed to the next step. For this section, we ask applicants to complete a pull request or patch to an Automattic community plugin or to WordPress core.
  4. Interview. The last section is a final interview via text chat. This will primarily serve as a gauge for your written English communication skills. Since we communicate primarily by text, it’s important that mentees able to express themselves and be comfortable working daily in text.

Apply Now!

Application period:

  • The application is now closed for the winter mentorship session. Stay tuned for more news on future sessions!

We’ll be in touch following the application close date. Good luck and thank you for your interest!

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Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch with us.