Fetch a remote URL and cache the result for a certain period of time.

This function originally used file_get_contents(), hence the function name. While it no longer does, it still operates the same as the basic PHP function.

We strongly recommend not using a $timeout value of more than 3 seconds as this function makes blocking requests (stops page generation and waits for the response).

The $extra_args are: * obey_cache_control_header: uses the “cache-control” “max-age” value if greater than $cache_time. * http_api_args: see http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_API/wp_remote_get


Name Type Description
$url string URL to fetch
$timeout int Optional. The timeout limit in seconds; valid values are 1-10. Defaults to 3.
$cache_time int Optional. The minimum cache time in seconds. Valid values are >= 60. Defaults to 900.
$extra_args array Optional. Advanced arguments: "obey_cache_control_header" and "http_api_args".

Return Value

string: The remote file's contents (cached)

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