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This document is for sites running on VIP Go.

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Overview #

The wpcomvip-bot is a GitHub bot for VIP Go that keeps repositories up-to-date and helps with code reviews.

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What is this Pull Request? #

If you see a Pull Request from wpcomvip-bot, it means there is an update available for a plugin in your repository. Remaining consistent with standard VIP practice, these updates will never be merged on your behalf unless they contain critical security or performance updates required to maintain stability on your site. It is, however, recommended that you test and deploy these changes in a timely manner.

Note: The changes have not necessarily been tested by VIP. Please test all changes before merging them to production.

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Testing #

You can git merge the PR branch into a development branch. PRs are opened with branch names prefixed with vip/. You can find the name of the branch under the Pull Request title in the GitHub UI.

If that doesn’t work,  you can also git cherry-pick the commit into your testing branch. The SHA-1 hash of the commit can also be found in the GitHub UI, in the Commits tab.

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Code Review #

The bot also helps with code reviews. You may see comments in Pull Requests with review feedback. If there are any questions about the feedback, feel free to leave them in the Pull Request or open a ticket with VIP Support.

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