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This document is for sites running on VIP Go.

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Overview #

The VIP Dashboard is the home for managing your VIP Go applications. Upon signing in, a list of all your apps is visible:

For updates & news on VIP, click on the info icon in the upper right-hand corner. You will also find shortcuts to documentation.

Click on your profile icon to set up the VIP CLI.

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Tools #

Currently, each application has Dashboard, Sync, Domains, CLI, and Settings tools:

– Displays an activity log for each of the app’s environments.
Click on the shortcuts for each environment to see the corresponding WordPress login and GitHub repositories.

Sync – Features a real-time data syncing tool to copy content from production to a child environment. Find out more about data sync here.

Domains – Navigate a list of your domains available to the app. Switch environments and see which domains are associated with each environment, map domains, view DNS Instructions, and provision LE Certificates.

CLI – The VIP CLI tool offers a command line interface for interacting with your applications on the VIP Go platform.

As we continue to design and develop new platform functionality, we are looking for testers to provide feedback on early ideas and prototypes. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch via Zendesk.

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Authentication #

GitHub is used to authenticate, which allows access to VIP Go applications to be provided by checking which VIP Go repositories the user has access to. Some parts of the dashboard require read access to the repository to view, while other parts, and many actions, require write or admin access.

To work with VIP Go applications on the command line, install VIP CLI.

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Troubleshooting #

e002 User Not Found! #

This error states we were unable to find any VIP Go repositories the user has access to. If the GitHub user account does not have access to any VIP Go repositories, authentication will not be successful. 

To gain access to a VIP Go repository, please contact our Support team.

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