Retiring sites from VIP Go

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This document is for sites running on VIP Go.

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Overview #

When you wish to retire a site from VIP Go, we ask that you notify the VIP team via a support ticket 30 days in advance of the site retirement date. At the end of this period, we will normally retire the site(s) along with the non-production environment(s) and update your account’s billing details as per our agreement.

In the case of selective retirement of subsites within a Multisite, we will delete/archive the requested sites and production monitoring for these subsites sites will be disabled.

In order to archive or migrate the site to other hosting, you will need several elements, and we cover these below.

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Codebase / GitHub repository #

You may wish to first read  about the structure of your VIP Go codebase.

If the GitHub repository will no longer be used by an active VIP Go site, once the site(s) have been retired, the associated GitHub repository will be removed as well so please ensure you have a local copy of the repository saved. You can either download a copy of the code in your VIP Go repository as it is, clone a copy of the Git repository, to retain the version history and all changes, or we can transfer the repository to your GitHub account, to retain all version history, GitHub issues, GitHub pages, etc.

Download a copy of your codebase #

  1. Navigate to your VIP Go repository on GitHub
  2. Select “Clone or Download” from the front page of your repository
  3. Select “Download ZIP”
  4. Check the contents, and save the file

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Clone your repository #

GitHub maintains documentation on cloning a GitHub repository.

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Transfer a repository #

If you would like to transfer your VIP Go repository to your GitHub account, please contact us; read more about repository transfers.

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Files and data #

If you would like an archive of all files that have been uploaded to your site, please contact us. The archive will be supplied with the same directory structure as the file uploads. The data will be supplied as SQL from the mysqldump client.

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