Managing sites across VIP Go and

VIP Go platform specific

This document is for sites running on VIP Go.

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Overview #

This document is to help clients who are managing sites across both VIP and VIP Go.

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VIP Helpers #

All the code on VIP Go is public in the mu-plugins repo, including vip-helpers. Most of the helper functions that you’re used to from VIP will still work on VIP Go. If you’re wondering whether or not a given function still works on Go, vip-deprecated.php is the best place to check – generally these are just functions that are unnecessary on VIP Go.

Note: There is no vip-init.php on VIP Go — the VIP Helpers are loaded automatically.

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Plugins from VIP #

Sometimes, you’ll want to move a plugin that you’ve been using on VIP to Go. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Similar to, VIP Go will load a helper file called vip-go-helper.php when plugins are loaded via `wpcom_vip_load_plugin()`, but _not_ if they are activated from the Admin Plugins UI.
  • There are a number of plugins that are specific to the environment. These cannot be ported over to Go. This includes:
    • wpcom-allow-contributors-to-upload
    • wpcom-elasticsearch
    • wpcom-geo-uniques (vip-go-geo-uniques replaces this)
    • wpcom-related-posts
    • share-this-classic-wpcom
    • share-this-wpcom
    • most-popular-feed-wpcom

If you want to use a VIP shared plugin, you can include it in the plugins directory of your VIP Go repository.

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