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Overview #

The exciting new changes to our code review process will help empower teams with greater versatility for workflow setups. As of July 15th, 2020, there are several types of workflows that can be configured to best fit the needs of your development team.

There are many different combinations available with the workflow options provided below (since they are not mutually exclusive):

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1) Continue with the default setup #

It is possible that you won’t require any type of custom workflow, in which case this would be the “status quo” option. In short, when the development team desires a code review from the WordPress VIP team, they can flag it for review and our team will continue to review as we always have. More information available here.

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2) Assign designated team members to merge code #

As an additional safeguard, code repositories can be configured to grant only certain members of your team the ability to merge code into production. Team members will still be able to test code in staging environments, open pull requests, and request reviews from VIP. However, the final act of merging code into the production environment could only be done by members of a specified team.

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3) Configure mandatory approvals from another team member #

Before merging code into production, at least one other team member could be required to sign off on the changeset. This is similar to the previous option, except the ability to deploy the code is available to the changeset author after approval, as well as additional designated team members.

It would be possible to expand on this by configuring specific groups of team members and enforcing approval from each group. For example, one person from the development team and one person from the QA team could be required to sign off before allowing merges. Additionally, certain areas of the codebase could require mandatory approvals on a team basis.

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4) Other options #

If your workflow needs are not covered by the above options (e.g. if you have a specific workflow in mind not covered) or if you are feeling uncertain of your needs, please reach out to VIP Support and we would be happy to provide further guidance and address any concerns or questions.

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