Restricting access via Basic Authentication

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This document is for sites running on VIP Go.

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Overview #

Basic Authentication is the “pop up” prompt for a username and password which is displayed by your browser when you visit a site which is protected in this way.

While a site is under development, and for non-production sites, you can set up Basic Authentication via your VIP Dashboard.

It is not possible for launched production sites to use Basic Authentication, as this form of access control breaks various VIP Go platform services.


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Configuration #


To enable Basic Authentication in the VIP Dashboard by visiting the Settings -> Basic Authentication -> Configure.

basic authentication dashboard

Select the desired environment from the dropdown, e.g. “production” or “develop.” Enter the username and password information for any user who should have access to your app via Basic Authentication. The password you enter will be encrypted when stored; you do not need to enter an encrypted version of the password. If you are using a multisite WordPress install, the Basic Authentication restrictions you create will apply to all subsites.

Adding a user to Basic Auth

Once you’ve added credentials, you can remove them from the site by deleting the users. To completely remove all Basic Authentication restrictions, remove all users.

Removing a user from basic auth

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