Welcome to Your New Home on VIP Go!


We’re thrilled to share our custom-built, best-in-class platform with you. With it, you now have access to the latest benefits, features, and services we want all VIPs to enjoy, including:

  • Git-based code review and deployment on your terms
  • Staging environments and seamless data syncing
  • The flexibility to run the plugins and libraries you choose (such as ACF Pro and Yoast)
  • Instant, real-time performance views with New Relic and additional tools
  • All the same top-tier support you have always enjoyed

We expect you’ll have lots of questions. The following pages cover your migration. We have advice on how to test and verify your content on the new site and detail about how the platform delivers performance and scale. And there’s also a tour of new features to help you manage your site, and an overview of how code deployment and review works.

Feel free to flip through it in sequence, or skip around as you see things that interest you. And as always, we’re here to help.

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