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Commit, Review, and Deploy

Using GitHub for development gives you more flexibility in the commit process than ever before. Branch your development as you need to, just like you would any other project. Local environments match your VIP environment much more closely, for more accurate local development.

File a pull request to your production branch when you are ready for review. Our automated review tools will give you a quick first pass to look for blocking issues you can correct right away. Optional continuous integration is available, so you can run additional automated tests or static asset builds.

We’ll take a look at your code submission, and offer any feedback necessary using GitHub’s code review tools. Feedback is line-specific, and no longer requires review tickets lacking full context.

When the review is complete, you get to choose when the code deploys. No more guessing when the code will go live—we’ve put it completely in your hands. And emergency deploys and reverts are completely within your power and handled case-by-case.

Additional Resources

  • VIP-Coding-Standards – A set of rules for PHP_CodeSniffer so you can pre-scan your code submission for review blockers.
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