Guidebook: Self‑launching single sites on VIP

Getting started

This guidebook walks through the steps of launching on VIP using the launch wizard in the VIP Dashboard. We define launches using this tool as a “self-launch” since all launch steps can be performed without the VIP team needing to assist. Note that this feature is currently not available to all clients.

Sites must meet the following criteria to self-launch:

  • Either using a Let’s Encrypt TLS certificate (provided by VIP), or has a pre-installed custom TLS certificate
  • Is a single site installation (not a multisite or subsite within a multisite instance)
  • Does not have Jetpack functionality as a requirement for launch
  • Switching from the convenience domain to the production domain (ie: this feature is not available for sites that have been using a custom temporary domain prior to launch)

If your site meets the above criteria for self-launch, proceed to the next page.

For further clarification on these criteria, please get in touch with VIP support. We want to make sure the best launch method is chosen for the site, and are happy to provide consultation services for deciding whether self-launching is best for the site.

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