Guidebook: A new launch process (invitation only)

Getting started

This guidebook describes the final steps of launching your application on VIP using a new set of tools that put you in control of your launch. We’re in an invitation-only beta period for this functionality, but if you haven’t heard from us and you’re interested, please talk to your Launch TAM.

What does the self-launching tool do?

  1. Ensures you have a primary domain set up for your production environment
  2. Switches to the primary domain, taking care of any search and replace through content to ensure links and media references remain consistent
  3. Guides you through DNS changes
  4. Automatically provisions Let’s Encrypt TLS certificates, if you’re using these

This guide will take you through what you need to do to ensure you are setup for a smooth launch process (Preparing for Launch), and then step you through using the launch tool to complete the steps outlined above (Launching).

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