Guidebook: Developing with VIP

Tools for VIP development

VIP offers several tools on the platform to assist development and monitoring. Additionally, the VIP team monitors all sites on the platform, and will proactively notify clients about issues.

The VIP dashboard

The VIP dashboard gives clients a window into their sites hosted on VIP. Here, recent repo activity can be viewed, and database syncs can be performed from production environments to child environments. Please note that the database can only be synced from production to child environments, and not the other way around. For this reason, we’d recommend always authoring content in the production environment.


VIP CLI is the command line interface for VIP. It can be used to interact with VIP applications, query information about applications, and perform actions like syncing data from production to development environments.

Query monitor

Query Monitor (QM) is available by default on all production and development sites, and can be enabled for any role via code.

New Relic

New Relic is used to monitor the PHP (WordPress) code and browser performance of sites or applications. Access to New Relic is available at no charge for VIP clients.

Further reading

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