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I’d like to introduce Andrea Zoellner, a VIP Communications intern who has been working diligently over the past two months to do some great things with VIP’s communication! Among other projects, she’s spearheaded transcribing and getting the Big Media & Enterprise Meetup videos and transcripts available to the public as soon as possible. We hope you’ll give her a big welcome, and we can’t wait to share what else she’s been working on! —Sara Rosso. 

We’ve been posting videos of presentations from the Big Media & Enterprise meetups over the past few months, and we believe those presentations are one of the biggest resources for the WordPress community at large with regards to understanding how WordPress is being used for innovative and highly-scaled projects.

With the goal of helping the community in mind, we submitted the videos to so the entire global community could discover and share them as needed. We also painstakingly added English subtitles and a full transcript to these videos to make it easier to follow along, increase accessibility, and make them translation-ready.

These videos are an opportunity to hear about interesting features and stories from some of the most sophisticated WordPress installs on the web. By recording the meetup presentations and making them available to the wider WordPress community, we hope more people will benefit from the content.

Check out some of our recent presentations which we transcribed and published on this site:

Want to make more videos accessible? You can help the community bring meetup talks to an even broader audience by contributing subtitles to other videos. Find out more.

4 thoughts on “Big Media & Enterprise Flashtalks with Captions on

  1. I’ve been thrilled to watch several of the new videos from the Big Media and Enterprise meetups. Glad to see they’ve been published with transcripts. (I added the captions for the 3.8 and 3.9 announcement videos on

    Just curious, how are you creating the transcripts? Are you using a third-party transcription company?

    1. Hi Deborah, glad to hear you’re enjoying the videos.

      To create transcripts, we followed the captioning process detailed on . Using that software, we could then export captions as a text file and turn them into full transcripts.

      Thank you for your support and for contributing captions to

      1. Hi Andrea,

        Thank you for the quick reply. So the transcripts were created manually by a team of people at VIP communications who listened to the videos? Whoa, that’s a lot of work!

        I followed that process for the short announcement videos, which can be done quickly. It’s a much longer process for long videos.

      2. Deborah – not exactly a team – Andrea! 🙂 We think it was a good thing for the VIP team to dedicate some time to, so that other companies, agencies, and individuals can benefit from the talks!

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