Bulk User Management

Josh Betz is an Intern Code Wrangler with Automattic’s WordPress.com VIP program this summer before he heads back to the University of Wisconsin to complete his degree in Computer Science. He enjoys running, hacking on WordPress, and the beautiful view from the terrace at UW’s Memorial Union.

Bulk User Management is a plugin that we’ve built to solve the problem of having to access each site in your network to manage users. It is especially useful for site administrators with large blog networks or anyone who might want to add multiple users to multiple sites from a single dashboard.

Bulk User Management allows a set of specified users to manage permissions across all your sites. Users from every site in your network are displayed in a list and can be added to or removed from any of your sites. Any users who aren’t currently in your network can still be invited to any of your blogs through the normal invite process.

The plugin works by aggregating a list of users from all your sites into a single list with information about each user, like their username, email address, and their user level on each of the sites they have access to. There are bulk actions available like “Modify” and “Remove” that let you make changes in large batches instead of one at a time.

You can select which users to manage with checkboxes just like you would see in the normal Users page. Selecting an action from the “Bulk Actions” dropdown will reveal a bulk edit section in the table where you can select which blogs the changes should apply to and a role if necessary.

The following are some screenshots showing step by step how the bulk editing flow works.

Bulk User Management is also available in the WordPress.org Plugin Directory. It’s also on github, we’d love to have you check out the code and contribute!


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