WordPress 3.4 preview: Theme Customizer

There’s a lot of interest in the upcoming “Theme Customizer” which will be released in WordPress 3.4 (currently in beta 4). The Theme Customizer will make it easy for users to customize their theme and see the results real-time without opening or refreshing a new browser window to see them.

Otto walks us through a preview of what the feature may look like (final version subject to change) with a screencast of it running locally:

So, WordPress 3.4 has this nifty new feature you can find on the main Theme selection page. It’s a link next to each theme labeled “Customize”. This is the new Theme Customizer, and it’s way cool.

Otto also goes into depth how theme developers will be able to take advantage of the Theme Customizer in their theme development in a very detailed post with code samples for the settings and controls developers will be able to use.

Check out “How to leverage the Theme Customizer in your own themes” on Ottopress.


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