Agency uses Windows to run all their clients’ WordPress sites

We’re proud of the fact that WordPress is versatile and can run on many operating systems, once the minimum requirements for the software are met.

We’re going to continue to highlight interesting case studies, and this time we’re pleased to find that Microsoft did a case study with Bella Web Design, a web design and development firm who uses Windows to host all of their clients’ WordPress sites.

Check out Microsoft’s case study about Bella Web Design and how they use both WordPress and Windows to power their business, and check out Microsoft’s dedicated microsite for information about installing WordPress for Windows.

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7 thoughts on “Agency uses Windows to run all their clients’ WordPress sites

  1. Hello, it’s just a disposable comment, you’re welcome not to publish it especially since my username (“AKA the admin”, perfect in my blog, faulty elsewhere) would induce visitors in error.

    Reporting you wrote a “the the” in the beginning.

  2. I find that mac os is often misleading on WordPress; and does not always run the right way in safari. Keeping on microsoft, especially windows 7, the process is much smoother, and allows easier plugin interaction.

  3. We use Windows also–more accurately "WIMP" (Windows, IIS, MySQL, PHP.) The platform was kind of thrust upon us, but we find it works well. We have PHP 5.2.4 running as a module, along with ISAPI Rewrite for "pretty urls." WordPress gives our clients the freedom to easily maintain their own sites, with a little technical help here and there from us.

  4. Great write up. We are looking forward to our conversion to WordPress very soon with Bella Web Design. We have trusted them as our business partner in charge of our web presence, and case studies like this really make me sure I made the right decision to go with them over 11 years ago. Go Desiree!

    1. Thanks so much Mike. That was so nice and it means a lot to us to have such loyal customers like you. We are honored to be part of your continued success!

  5. Thank you for sharing our case study. We really enjoy working with WordPress and we're so glad our hosting company was able to help us make this work on their Windows platform. So far, so good!

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