The VIP Services team meets in London

The entire Automattic VIP Services team (minus Lloyd, who thankfully held down the support queue!) spent the past week in London to talk strategy, fraternize, and meet with existing and prospective VIP clients in the area.

We had a VIP meetup one night, and we were pleased by the turnout and the conversations that were flying between the guests, both VIP project owners and developers alike. We continue to expand our VIP Services offerings for both self-hosted and VIPs, and the response has been very, very positive. One thing to us is clear – demand for WordPress is increasing, and our clients are hungry to apply it to all their upcoming projects.

They’re even happier when we tell them, “Yes, WordPress can do that, too!” Here on the Publisher blog, we’ll continue to highlight some of those outside-of-the-blog uses of WordPress (yep, it’s a CMS, too) that are becoming the driving force behind new enterprise adoption of WordPress.

Thanks to everyone who came out for a drink & a chat – and we look forward to another VIP meetup closer to where you are!

If you’d like more information about VIP Services for your WordPress site, be sure to contact us!

3 thoughts on “The VIP Services team meets in London

  1. In your article above, how do I get a QR Code like the one in the photo? We need one for our Diabetes Therapy Site. This is not spam.

    1. Hi Robert – we don’t have a particular site or tool to recommend – you can find a ton of options if you Google “make QR” or “free QR” or “QR tool”

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