Adobe Migrates to WordPress

Thanks to Pavel Ushakov for letting us know that our friends at Adobe have just completed the migration of hundreds of their blogs from Movable Type to WordPress. You can see the collection of blogs over on
[mshot 500]

Pavel’s firm Blog Consulting worked on the migration with Adobe:

In 2010 Adobe contacted Blog Consulting to migrate total of 1200 blogs from Movable Type to WordPress 3.0. The project was successfully completed within 2 months.

Adobe uses Blog Consulting’s Monthly Maintenance and Support package, and outsources all their blog support requests to our consultants, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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30 thoughts on “Adobe Migrates to WordPress

  1. 1200 blogs?! That's a big deal if you ask me. While I have great respect for the Movable Type software, I've personally been nervous ever since Say Media took over.

    I wonder if other companies will switch as well?

    1. I've gotten 6 requests for quotes just recently to migrate MT blogs over to WordPress. I thought it a bit odd getting so many all at once. All 6 are still trying to decide if they want to do it or not.

    2. Did MT ever really take off? I always viewed them as a well respected name in the market but by default I would always go to WP to fulfill any blogging needs. Glad I did so now 🙂

      1. Pavel does not say that all the blogs are on – it's not unreasonable to assume that Adobe have a large number of non-public (or non-English) blogs for internal or partner usage that are available elsewhere.

        Pavel's post also cites a figure of 330 blogs that were upgraded in 2009, which is close enough to 341 to look like the ones on were the ones upgraded, leaving 800 less exposed blogs.

  2. Regardless how many blogs, the fact that a brand like Adobe (which I'm not a fan of anymore…but that is another story) has moved from Movable Type to WP is a very major thing. It's really sad actually that Movable Type has become so lost and when SixApart messed up with their bizzarre licensing while WP went after the full open source market and became huge. I actually thought MT had a lot of potential if they just cut their losses and go full open source and say "we goofed up" and start new. But they still continued to mess up….I was planning a year ago to begin designing pro themes for MT5 but after seeing they were screwing things again, I pulled the plug on them. I liked MT better than WP. I forsee the end is coming for MT.

    1. Reports of Movable Type's demise are greatly exaggerated. The truth is the community behind Movable Type has learned a lot from WordPress and is trying to put a lot of the same values that has helped make WordPress great into a fork of Movable Type called Melody. Check it out: It, like is a non-profit. It is not beholden to anything buts its users and community.

      One of the other lessons we have taken from WordPress: make it easy to create themes. Andre – you should check it out!

      Perhaps one day, WordPress will look to Melody for inspiration, as we do to WordPress!

      Disclaimer: I am the lead developer of Melody.

      1. I'm definitely seeing an increase in people switching from MovableType to WordPress lately, but great to see your work continuing on Melody – and wish you guys the best of luck.

  3. on a sidenote…
    anyone with Adobe files that would like to instantly post that content to a WordPress blog, should check out PageZephyr. Same with Quark and Publisher files.

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