MediaPost: “The winner will be WordPress”

Interesting post from Philip Leigh of MediaPost this week, titled “The Implications Of Blogging“:

…Similarly, it’s likely that the future of blogging — and the future spread of knowledge — will reflect the characteristics of whatever blog platform achieves dominance. Increasingly it appears that the winner will be WordPress. It first appeared seven years ago as a successor to software typically used for online diaries. Thus, it was originally text-based, but has since evolved to also encompass audio, video, and animation. It has even become a popular platform for entire websites as well as important components of prominent sites such as The New York Times.

(Emphasis mine).

Philip goes on to state:

In short, WordPress is not merely a blogging tool. It’s a platform that can lead to an explosion of new media properties capable of text, video, audio, music, animation, interactivity, online merchandising, podcasting, and even social networking. Successful innovations will rapidly take root and expand while unsuccessful ones will quickly perish or remain marginal.

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7 thoughts on “MediaPost: “The winner will be WordPress”

  1. Agreed! I went down a harrowing and unfulfilling path with DNN and just about gave up web development altogether until I tried WordPress. It is true that in the case of WordPress, CODE IS POETRY! Love it!!!

  2. I fully agree…WORDPRESS IS THE WINNER AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE WINNER…in the future! I have around 17 blogs and all of them are in WordPress. I could not think otherwise using another blogging platform as I am never a technology inclined person…with WordPress for as long as I know how to read then I can find the right answers…

    Thanks you WordPress and WE LOVE YOU MATT…!!!

  3. After over a decade of doing web development work, it had become stale for me,
    yet WORDPRESS has reinvigorated my love of the web and its development.
    Thank you WORDPRESS – I really Appreciate it 🙂

    Respectfully yours,

    Amado Gonzalez

  4. Of course I agree. Only problem is that we knew that WordPress was going to win at least a year or so ago. This article's a little bit late to point it out.

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