WordPress Top Demanded Skill on Elance

Since last year when we wrote about “WordPress in Demand on Elance“, WordPress has surged into the top ten, and now is the sixth most in demand skill on Elance!

Elance Top Overall Skills in Demand Q2 2010

Online publishing dominates this list. It’s exciting that the ever evolving WordPress, built on it’s PHP, MySQL, and CSS stack, continues to be the web development platform in demand.

Elance’s 2010 Q2 Online Employment Report also includes a single profile, that of Ron Z Zvagelsky, highlighting his success as a WordPress Expert on Elance.  Represent!

4 thoughts on “WordPress Top Demanded Skill on Elance

  1. Hello Ron,
    We are looking for a great WordPress designer who is willing to work with an established Vacation Rental Guide in Panama City Beach, Florida but new to WordPress as a platform…Any suggestions appreciated. We also have a Elance account but there seems to be a lot of Freelancers! This is very confusing for us to get a feel for the best based upon our target market. Maybe you know someone that specializes in the Vacation Rental and Florida Travel market…

    Your help is appreciated

  2. WordPress is not just in the top 10, it’s one out of three *brands* in those top 10. Don’t downplay that. The rest are either general programming languages (PHP, MySQL) or very broad areas of expertise (graphic design, article writing). WordPress is neither a language nor a category; is a distinct brand, or product, just like Adobe Photoshop.

    In that light, WP is number one in the list of the most requested products on Elance (yeah!) – even before Photoshop and Flash. And especially in the case of Photoshop, which can be seen as one of the most basic stepping stones in web design, I think it’s extremely interesting that WordPress (as a CMS) is a whole 3 spots ahead if it. Meaning – you don’t necessarily need WordPress to create a website, but 90% of the time, you’ll need Photoshop.

    So I’d say it’s definitely a big milestone 🙂

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